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For 2011 our TT-R line-up will be accessible in three unique models.

The TT-R110E with it’s low 26.4″ seat stature, electric beginning , 4-speed auto grip and 12″ front and 10″ raise wheel sizes is the ideal machine for junior to sharpen his abilities on.

The 2011 TT-R110E will be in dealerships in July and has a MSRP of $2,150.

The TT-R125LE is the ideal bicycle for some genuine fun. Worked for unlimited experiences, this bicycle is our go to machine with its intense 125cc four-stroke motor, front circle brake and clean ergos.

The 2011 TT-R125LE will be in dealerships in August and has a MSRP of $3,150.

The huge daddy of the TT-R line, the TT-R230 is an able trail machine with an incredible blend of low seat stature, sufficient suspension and a lot of ground leeway.

The 2011 TT-R230 will be in dealerships in September and has a MSRP of $3,790.