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Morgantown, WV – The people at MX Sports Pro Racing got a call today from Andrea LaMay, Ben’s mother. Ben and Willy Browning’s race bicycles were stolen from the star enclosure Friday night of Unadilla, alongside various different things, including Justin Weeks’ bike, David Briggs’ pit bicycle, and a significant measure of rigging.

Mrs. LaMay detailed that they simply left the Connecticut State Police Barracks where they could get Ben’s bicycle, which fortunately has next to no harm. While there she could see Willy’s bicycle and is upbeat to report that it is in perfect condition. Truth be told, the two bicycles still had the transponders legitimately mounted. To the extent the other recouped things, she could recognize numerous things for the police having a place with riders, including Corey Pennington, Jacob Sanchez, Matt Shaefor and Mitchell Dougherty.

Mrs. LaMay took photos of the rest of the things and will have them accessible this end of the week at the Steel City National. Anybody missing things from the Unadilla “heist” are urged to take a gander at the photographs to distinguish their property. Keeping in mind the end goal to recover the property, it will be important to contact Trooper William Kuckel at (860) 779-3900.

Jason Cayen (30) of Killingly, CT, was captured Wednesday, August 26th and accused of ownership of the stolen property, and additionally opiates, because of a supportive tip from a Racer X peruser. Anybody with data in regards to this issue is asked for to contact MX Sports.