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The bits of gossip have been whirling around in regards to what is new with Timmy Weigand. We got the nitty gritty story from Timmy to set it straight.

Timmy Weigand was in full Baja readiness mode, preparing to join Kendall Norman and protect his 2009 SCORE Baja 250 win on board his number 1x Honda CRF450X. With a planned flight for Baja, Mexico, of Sunday, March 7. On Saturday, March 6, Timmy woke up and got dressed of course. Timmy washed his face in the lavatory when he felt a slight cerebral pain go ahead as he stood up from the sink. He was abruptly blinded in his left eye. Not certain what to make of it, he set down and his vision returned however was foggy. Timmy’s better half, Nicole, who is nine months pregnant and due to have their second youngster one week from now, did some snappy research on the web and understood that they expected to go to the ER. At the ER they gave Timmy a CT filter finding no variations from the norm. From their he was sent to an Ophthalmologist, expecting that he had a torn retina. The specialist deliberately and completely inspected Timmy and observed his eyes to be in idealize condition. The specialist at that point demanded that Timmy backpedal to the ER since something different isn’t right. With a mobile phone in one ear and a landline in the other the way was cleared for Timmy’s need come back to the ER. Presently back at the ER, he experienced a few tests including EKG and blood work. Still uncertain, he was admitted to the healing facility late on Saturday and booked for a MRI Sunday morning. The MRI uncovered that he had endured a stroke in the back of his cerebrum. A huge number of tests took after and on Tuesday it was uncovered that Timmy had a respective opening in his heart that was the reason for the stroke. This gap is inherent and he should have heart surgery to settle it. He is seeing the best authorities and with exceptional on account of Dr. Steerage, is getting need treatment.

Timmy’s family, companions, group and backers have been a mind blowing backing to him and he needs to express his gratefulness and overpowered appreciation and above all to his better half Nicole.

If it’s not too much trouble send your considerations, supplications and get well soon messages to Info@JCRHonda.com. You can likewise discover Timmy on Facebook.

Timmy is in great spirits and is certain he will be go down and running in 3 to 4 months.

We trust you will join Johnny Campbell Racing in proceeding to petition God for and enable Timmy and his family through this to time with whatever they may require.