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Scott Bell, long-term Southern California motocross rider, was engaged with a solitary pile up early Sunday morning while at the same time leaving Jeremy McGrath’s private farm track. Scott’s sibling is 1980 AMA Supercross Champion Mike Bell, whom we reached this evening for a refresh.

“Scotty went off the street early Sunday morning and hit a tree and is in basic yet stable condition, with a torn aorta (which clearly they settled), cracked vertebrae, different broken ribs, with crumbled one lung while the other one was punctured. He is in ICU on a respirator. They attempted to expel the respirator yesterday however he couldn’t breath that well alone so they needed to return him on it. When he’s off the respirator and breathing without anyone else I think we’ll all vibe a ton better. If you don’t mind keep him in your musings and petitions.”

As per Mike Bell, his sibling’s youngsters begun a Facebook page for him so on the off chance that you need you would friend be able to him: “Scott Bell.” They refresh his advance each day.