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Frequently refereed to as the “Back up parent” of FMX, Mike Metzger was truly harmed this previous end of the week after a crash at his home. We got this refresh from FreestyleMTX.com.

“As you probably are aware, Metzger had a genuine crash at his home yesterday. I have talked with his operator, Lucas Mirtl, and he inquired as to whether I would let everybody recognize what is happening and that he is sad he can not answer his telephone. His folks are additionally exceptionally appreciative for everyones concern, except are endeavoring to concentrate on Mike. The underlying outcomes were a couple of crushed vertebrae in his spirit and neck, collarbones and a slashed kidney, however was steady the previous evening. At 6 am toward the beginning of today his vitals immediately dropped as gas weakened and his liver is currently seeping out. He has had 2 blood transfusions today and is currently in the ICU in “basic stable” condition. The specialists trust the liver will begin to mend itself and won’t require a dangerous surgery. If it’s not too much trouble keep Mike in your supplications.”

We will keep on tracking this story and bring you more data when conceivable. Keep solid Mike.