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Red Bull/KTM Factory rider Marvin Musquin posted a report on his own site today following his surgery.

“After his crash a week ago at Freestone MX in Wortham, Texas, Marvin had surgery on his hand and thumb Sunday, May 29th, in Murietta, California.

Three metacarpals were broken Marvin’s hand, alongside the thumb, so the specialist, Dr Alexander, needed to perform surgery – there was no other alternative.

“I had a surgery on my hand, three metacarpals were broken. The specialist put screws on each to close the cracks. He faltered to put in a plate, and established that that wasn’t vital. For my thumb, it was somewhat extraordinary, I had an open crack, that wasn’t excellent to see … Fortunetely, the crack was situated at the joint under the nail and not at the greatest joint – that would have been more regrettable. In my thumb, only a little plate was sufficient, no pins. My ligament was harmed, and that was the most awkward. I have seen the specialist now after the surgery – he was happy with the outcomes, so I am as well.”

Marvin will have a thrown for few days. Be that as it may, he would already be able to move his fingers.

“The specialist prompted me to move my fingers as quickly as time permits, tenderly obviously. I should stay watchful with my thumb. The ligament isn’t yet reattached. Following three to a month, I will have the capacity to utilize my hand ordinarily, both my bones and my ligament will be sufficiently solid at that point. Holding up the greater part of that, I can go at any rate at the exercise center and work on my physical molding. It is too soon to think about a rebound date – that will rely upon how rapidly the recuperation will go.”