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Marvin Musquin, the 450SX focuses pioneer coming into cycle two of Monster Energy Supercross, did not influence the headliner on Saturday in the wake of going down in the whoops in his warmth to race and harming his left shoulder.

Following the race, KTM discharged an announcement from Musquin:

“Subsequent to qualifying third today, I went down hard in the whoops in my warmth race. I arrived to my left side shoulder and groped truly beat. Sadly, I couldn’t arrange for whatever remains of night. I’m extremely frustrated about that given the group and I were in a decent place after our win a weekend ago. In any case, I will get looked up when I return home and will know more in the following couple of days. Supercross is a more drawn out season so I’m confident I will have the capacity to arrange in Anaheim 2.”

We will give more data once it’s known.