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When we last observed Honda Muscle Milk’s Justin Barcia, he was set for the side of the track at Anaheim with, well, a crushed face. He cased a triple truly gravely, and that was the finish of his night.

Barcia’s in Oakland at this moment for Supercross Press Day, and he called us with a refresh.

“I’m all great,” he said. “Needed to complete a couple of blackout tests and things like that, yet everything looked at approve. I simply have a cut with some lines close to my eye, and a few cuts close to my nose, however I’m unquestionably 100 percent. I didn’t ride this week, however I really feel great since it’s been quite a while since I have had a couple of days off. Also, we’ll ride today for squeeze day with the goal that will be great.”

Did Barcia break his nose? “I didn’t significantly try getting X-beams, it’s most likely broken yet it doesn’t make a difference,” he said. “I did likewise a year ago at Millville and could ride with it.”

At the point when Barcia was moving toward the triple that he cased, his bicycle was heard revving to the moon, so some estimated he had inadvertently stuck it into first apparatus and didn’t have the speed to clear the bounce. “No, I in reality just got a huge amount of wheelspin,” he said. “I was attempting to go to within and make a pass, and it just spun, and I didn’t have enough speed to make the bounce. I’m alright, however, I’ll be fine this end of the week.”