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Carlsbad, CA – Dodge Motorsports/Hart and Huntington Supercross rider Ivan Tedesco is as of now rehabbing his surgically repaired left knee and hip. Tedesco hurt his hip and knee amid the 2011 Supercross season and chose to have surgery seven weeks prior to repair the harm to one side ACL and the labrum in his left hip. Tedesco is as of now working out his knee on a stationary bicycle alongside day by day active recuperation sessions. Not even surgery can keep Tedesco far from the rack; in the middle of restoration sessions, Tedesco has been going around to watch his kindred Dodge Motorsports/Hart and Huntington group riders contend.

“I’m wanting to be back on the bicycle in September. This time off has made me more decided than any other time in recent memory for the up and coming 2012 Supercross season,” Tedesco said.

Ivan is poised to be completely sound and prepared for the 2012 Supercross season in January.

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