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Kia Ora !

I’m simply monitoring out the entryway. I’m back in America now, have been for as far back as 2 weeks riding and testing. I spent my first week testing in California with my technician Clint and my group, experiencing body set up and getting me dialed in for the season. We had our course of events cut approach to short after I had my little disaster back home in NZ, yet we gained better than average ground and found an okay set up. I’m gone to Cali today for a warm up race at Glen Helen, it will give me a decent opportunity to shake down the set up we completed up with and give me some important door time before I line up one weekend from now in Hangtown.

I spent this previous week doing moto’s back here in Florida, I feel extraordinary on the bicycle, molding savvy I lost a great deal with the a month and a half that I needed to remain down so I’ll be working my way once more into shape as this title commences. It feel’s wonderful to realize that the season is ideal around the bend now, it’s been an incredibly prolonged stretch of time wanting me and I’m eager to prep my entryway in 14 days time from now it will be a fascinating arrangement…

I’ll attempt check in after this end of the week with a report on how the race at Glen Helen goes. For the present look at the pic’s from when I was out in Cali testing that Hoss Sharifi got off me at Pala Raceway where the last National will be held.

BT 101