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While running in the best ten amid the 250 Main Event at the 2018 Anaheim One Supercross, Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM rider Alex Martin committed a little error as he left the whoop segment and went over the kept money turn toward the finish of the path. In spite of the fact that the crash appeared to be little, Martin told swap amid a How Was Your Weekend meet that the fall brought about a crack of his clavicle/collarbone. Since the meeting came only minutes after the moto, insights about the damage were rare, however it will no uncertainty largy affect his status as the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross Series proceeds with this end of the week in Texas for the 2018 Houston Supercross.

Refresh JANUARY 8TH: Martin has affirmed that second, more top to bottom assessment uncovered that the crack found in Saturday’s night early sweep was really old damage and that he didn’t break the clavicle as at first dreaded. How he feels and how soon he can come back to hustling stays to be resolved.