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Two Crowns for BamBam

Justin Barcia took his second “Ruler of Bercy” crown this previous end of the week at the renowned European Supercross race. It was difficult, be that as it may, as he needed to fight kindred American riders Trey Canard and Andrew Short each of the three evenings for the generally speaking.

Barcia would take the headliner wins on the very first moment and two, however Canard would beat Barcia on the most recent night of dashing. Barcia would get a terrible begin and fight through the pack and in the end would battle his way in to second behind Canard. Early race pioneer Andrew Short would round out the platform for an All American wrap up!

“Man, what an end of the week,” said Justin Barcia. “I didn’t need it to be that energizing! Trey and I were so close in speed and we were just tenths separated. General it was simply exceptionally serious. We were going to a great degree quick and were on somewhat of an alternate level contrasted with alternate folks. It was great. I’ve won it twice now so perhaps one year from now I will return and attempt and make it three. I cherish this place. I’m stirred to be King of Bercy again and it implies a ton to have two of those trophies at home at this point. It is really extraordinary.”

Friday Night Main Event:


1. Justin Barcia

2. Trey Canard

3. Gautier Paulin

4. Wil Hahn

5. Andrew Short

6. Jordi Tixier

7. Cedric Soubeyras

8. Gregory Aranda

9. Valentin Teillet

10. Fabien Izoird

Saturday Night Main Event:


1. Justin Barcia

2. Trey Canard

3. Andrew Short

4. Cooper Webb

5. Gautier Paulin

6. Wil Hahn

7. Cedric Soubeyras

8. Fabien Izoird

9. Gregory Aranda

10.Valentin Teillet

Sunday Night Main Event:

1. Trey Canard

2. Justin Barcia

3. Andrew Short

4. Gautier Paulin

5. Cooper Webb

6. Cedric Soubeyras

7. Gregory Aranda

8. Fabien Izoird

9. Valentin Teillet

10. Jordi Tixier