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Trey Canard contended this previous end of the week in cycle 1 of the 2013 Monster Energy Supercross Series. Not exclusively did Trey lead a few laps previously completing second place, however he rode in Jantz’s respect with a butt fix that read “4JG96”.

Seeker Weiss from Premier Moto got up to speed with Trey before the race. He sends his supplications, considerations, and energizes the family as should be obvious in the video beneath.


Saturday night checked Trey Canard’s arrival to Supercross Racing after a horrendous mischance which left him sidelined with a crushed spirit a year ago at Dodger Stadium. Pondering stopping all together, Canard squeezed through the dull circumstances in the wake of scrutinizing his own particular capacity to walk once more. Completing second place in the headliner was genuinely a win for everybody including Jantz, The Grodzicki Family, and for Canard himself.

Trey ran this butt fix to pay tribute to Jantz.

Trey ran this butt fix to pay tribute to Jantz.

Only an update for every one of you who might want to turn out and bolster Jantz, there will be an advantage ride day occurring at Lucas Oil Mx Park this Satuday January twelfth. We might want to urge every one of you to influence it to out! There will be sustenance, unrecorded music, and bunches of cool wager things! On account of the considerable number of backers who have contributed so far, and to Jim Downey from the Brett Downey Saftey Foundation who just gave another TV!