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Report | (Phoenix) Supercross 2012

As the Supercross arrangement moved into the leave territory of Arizona, the scenery of blue skies and bounteous daylight had everybody liking their odds that night in the headliner. It’s still right on time in the 2012 season, and keeping in mind that supreme champ Ryan Villopoto influenced it to clear in the opener that he wouldn’t offer a bit of leeway this year, the gifted field around him stays sure.

The track here in Phoenix is dependably a doozy, and this year is the same. The qualifying warms dependably reveal to us a player in the story as it unfurls. What we realized in these qualifiers is that James Stewart can be the quickest rider at any given time, yet would he be able to maintain this mind boggling speed for a whole primary? We additionally discovered that all the typical suspects would make the night’s headliner, including Trey Canard-over from damage and tying up the dirtbike boots! Lastly, we discovered that RV2’s colleague, Jake Weimer, is starting to advocate for himself and resemble a player in his own right; he wins the second warmth in noteworthy mold and is ready to make some clamor here in Phoenix!

In the Lites division, the door dropped and the line of dirtbike head protectors shot out like gun discharge! Tyla Rattray snatched the holeshot, with Marvin Musquin and Dean Wilson following in second and third separately. Soon after that, with one brave move Dean Wilson would shoot past Rattray and Musquin and into the lead. From that point, Wilson would utilize his title involvement to separate himself from the pack and voyage to triumph. He was way out sufficiently front to keep his motocross clothing spotless. Perch free riding: we should all be so fortunate! Musquin and Rattray would have some little fights at the end of the day arrive up on the platform too. With two in number a long time to begin the season, it’s Tyla Rattray on the focuses leaderboard, however it’s tight-only 2 focuses isolate the best four riders as we proceed onward to week three. Awesome season in progress!!!

Next up were the enormous young men of the 450cc assortment. As already specified, RV2 put on a facility seven days back in Anaheim, so he figured to be the man to beat. In any case, it was 2010 champ Ryan Dungey, on board his new KTM, that asserted the holeshot and after that truly assumed control Phoenix! Hustling smooth, quick and sure Dungey never thought back, asserting his first triumph of the year! Huge night for Ryan and Team KTM-this is the thing that they had arranged when they acquired Dungey this past off-season! With respect to whatever is left of the field: a week ago’s victor RV2 got captured in an early heap up and was running eighteenth amid lap one, so it was noteworthy no doubt that he charged his direction as far as possible up to third and another platform visit. His partner, Jake Weimer, demonstrated that his warmth win was no fluke-hustling hard throughout the night and getting his first sprinter up platform. Congratulations Jake Weimer. It was extraordinary to see Trey Canard out there once more, and he looked great, engaging for a significant part of the night with Andrew Short. Those two will be gotten notification from as the season advances. Unfortunate news for BTO Sports’ own particular Jimmy Albertson– we’ll have damage refresh on him when its accessible. Lastly, James Stewart can’t remain upright! No genuine astonishment refresh here, he goes down again and puts on a fine show of tearing up the field to get to a respectable best ten wrap up. On the off chance that he ever assembles 20 laps, he may burst the opposition. Yet, that appears like an immense “if” at the present time. We should investigate whatever remains of the outcomes from Chase Field:

Supercross Lites Main Event

1. Dignitary Wilson (Kawasaki)

2. Marvin Musquin (KTM)

3. Tyla Rattray (Kawasaki)

4. Eli Tomac (Honda)

5. Cole Seely (Honda)

6. Zach Osborne (Yamaha)

7. Jason Anderson (Suzuki)

8. Nico Izzi (Yamaha)

9. Max Anstie (Honda)

10. Travis Baker (Honda)

11. Michael Leib (Honda)

12. Billy Laninovich (Honda)

13. Bruce Rutherford (Honda)

14. Vince Friese (Honda)

15. Teddy Maier (Honda)

16. Scott Champion (Honda)

17. Gareth Swanepoel (Yamaha)

18. Jean Carlo Ramos (Honda)

19. Adam Chatfield (Honda)

20. Martin Davalos (Suzuki)

Supercross Main Event

1. Ryan Dungey (KTM)

2. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki)

3. Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki)

4. Kevin Windham (Honda)

5. Chad Reed (Honda)

6. Andrew Short (Honda)

7. Trey Canard (Honda)

8. James Stewart (Yamaha)

9. Brett Metcalfe (Suzuki)

10. Josh Hansen (Kawasaki)

11. Ivan Tedesco (Kawasaki)

12. Kyle Chisholm (Kawasaki)

13. Davi Millsaps (Yamaha)

14. Justin Brayton (Honda)

15. Chris Blose (Kawasaki)

16. Mike Alessi (Suzuki)

17. Kyle Partridge (Kawasaki)

18. Tommy Hahn (Honda)

19. Scratch Wey (Kawasaki)

20. Jimmy Albertson (Suzuki)

Supercross Lites West Point Standings

1. Tyla Rattray 42

2. Cole Seely 41

3. Senior member Wilson 40

4. Marvin Musquin 40

5. Eli Tomac 38

6. Jason Anderson 28

7. Zach Osborne 27

8. Nico Izzi 22

9. Travis Baker 22

10. Max Anstie 17

Supercross Point Standings

1. Ryan Dungey 45

2. Ryan Villopoto 45

3. Jake Weimer 38

4. Chad Reed 38

5. Kevin Windham 31

6. Andrew Short 29

7. James Stewart 28

8. Justin Brayton 25

9. Brett Metcalfe 22

10. Josh Hansen 22