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The dashing is still great this year, the fights are energizing, yet we can at present call this the time of the washout.

Ryan Villopoto drove the race early and lost the front end in a corner (a washout), same correct thing that happened to James Stewart while driving a week ago. From that point Stewart got the lead and took off. Couple of training crashes for Stewart? Whatever. He blitzed his warmth race and was prepared to do fight in the primary, at that point rode solid for the win.

Chad Reed at long last got a decent begin and fought with RV and Ryan Dungey for a platform. Villopoto smashed again endeavoring to mount a rebound, leaving Reed and Dungey to fight for second. Dungey made a pass and held second for the majority of the race, yet Reed continued burrowing, continued burrowing and got to Dungey’s back wheel on the last lap. Dungey committed an error in the last corner and Reed pulled off a sensational leave for the sprinter behind spot- – his first platform this year.

RV was a removed fifth after his twofold crash, and Trey Canard and Brett Metcalfe brought their fight for fifth last minute. Canard bobbled in the last corner and Metcalfe got the spot back.

Search for comes about here in a couple, and a full race report and pictures today.