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When you hear the name Broc Schmelyun it’s hard not to recollect the alarming accident he had at the 2015 High Point National at Mount Morris. Schmelyun lost control of his bicycle even with a bounce and went flying through the air without his bicycle before slamming down. The Maryland local managed a broken femur, softened fibula and destroyed tendons his lower leg in the crash.

The uplifting news for Schmelyun is that he’s been back on the bicycle for three months and has re-marked with the BLUE Buffalo/Slater Skins Yamaha group to race choose Monster Energy Supercross occasions on the East Coast in the 450 Class and a full season in Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. The group said that they will likely have Schmelyun concentrate on bicycle and item testing amid the supercross season and race a full season in the 450 Class outside.

” Broc Schmelyun has demonstrated to us that he is a solid 450 rider and somebody we can rely on to give 110 percent on the track,” said Dave Petrie, leader of The BLUE Buffalo Co. “He’s the ideal fit for this group. We (BLUE Buffalo) know we haven’t seen the best of Schmelyun and that 2016 could be that time. ”

” Broc has demonstrated to have as much heart for this game as any of the best riders I’ve ever observed,” said John Slater, group proprietor. “He will astound many individuals in 2016. Watch out for the # 548.”.