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Jefferson, Wisconsin-Rock River Power Sports(RRPS) is satisfied to declare it’s 2011 lineup for the Outdoor Motocross Series. Jeff Alessi #801 and Jarred Browne #53 will return after the initial couple of rounds. Both endured wounds amid the Supercross season, and are anxious to get back on their RRPS Yamaha 450’s and make their stamp in the 2011 season. Vince Friese #45 will pilot one of the 450’s toward the begin of the season to end up being figured with, and merits a perpetual spot on the 2011 RRPS Outdoor group. Jared Hicks #750 will go to a couple of races too to fill in on the other Yamaha 450.

Alex Millican #707 will come back to the Outdoor season after a staggering Lites crash put him out for whatever is left of the Supercross season. He has been preparing hard for the outside, and anticipates incredible season with Rock River. Drew Yenerich #87, one of the veterans of the Rock River group, endured a blackout amid the Jacksonville Supercross finishing his season early. He is anxious to get back on the bicycle, however does not have leeway yet.

Seth Caldwell #335 is quite a while RRPS beginner rider. He is a present case of the RRPS program. He got his feet wet at a couple of East Coast Lites occasions this year, and will go to a couple of East Coast Outdoor occasions also. The movement of the RRPS riders from beginner to master is smooth, and something nobody else offers now. We hope to see Grant Ransdale and Joey Peters running the 250 or 450 classes in select occasions after Loretta Lynns this year.

Another expansion to the group is Marissa Markelon #28. Right now being prepared by Doug Henry, she will go to all the WMA races out of the Rock River Racing Semi and we are extremely eager to have her on board. Henry’s preparation strategies are second to none as he has demonstrated consistently defeating challenges throughout his life that most observe absurd. We are certain he has imparted these qualities in Marissa, and are anticipating her thumping one of those digits off the #28 this year.

“We are exceptionally amped up for our 2011 group, and anticipate some extraordinary introduction for every one of our supporters” expressed group proprietor Mike DuClos. “Our program, not the same as most, concentrates on the novice rider, and carrying them into the Pro domain, we have had a ton of achievement with riders like Peick, Lamay, Sewell, Yenerich and others, and anticipate the following gathering getting through the positions.”

The Rock River Pro Semi will advance up its Pro help for all Yamaha riders at all the Outdoor adjusts and in addition the GP this year. This group is rolling out steady improvements all the time to enhance its advancement supports, and additionally increment their capacities to help their riders.

The group first places beginner riders in the seats that have come up through their program, and afterward fills the seats with riders who require help if nobody is climbing.