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The 26th yearly Nielsen Enterprises Lake County Fair Stadium Motocross, only north of Chicago, went off the previous evening easily. Due to the expanded Pro satchel to $7500, up from $4000 in 2010, the occasion had 98 riders join to race. Some enormous name Arenacrossers were in participation and the hustling was astounding on the Schaefer Tracks manufactured and advanced course.

Tuf/Venning Honda’s Jeff Gibson was the enormous champ as he took both the 250 and 450 Pro headliner wins. Gibson took a wire to wire win in the 250 Pro class and afterward later kept running down D&S Fox supported Josh Demuth to take the 450 win with a last lap pass.

Shake River Yamaha’s Drew Yenerich was the enormous amazement as he completed on the platform in the two mains, with a moment on the 250 and a third on the 450. Arenacross veteran and neighborhood kid Tommy Hofmaster completed third in the 250 Pro class on his Rock River Yamaha and slammed out of the 450 fundamental on the opening lap.

Additional dashing today around evening time as night two, the last night, will occur with hustling beginning at 7pm

For more data look at www.FairMx.com or http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=213340542020923

Lake County Results, Night 1….

250 Pro:

1. Jeff Gibson

2. Drew Yenerich

3. Tommy Hofmaster

4. Daniel Blair

5. Willy Browning

6. Josh Demuth

7. Kody Kamm

8. Scott Zont

9. Cameron Lansing

10. Brandon Pope

450 Pro:

1. Jeff Gibson

2. Josh Demuth

3. Drew Yenerich

4. Daniel Blair

5. Travis Sewell

6. Kevin Markwardt

7. Willy Browning

8. Cameron Lansing

9. Kyle White

10. Scott Zont


1. Josh Demuth

2. Jeff Gibson

3. Daniel Blair

4. Tommy Hofmaster


1. Willy Browning

2. Mike Wendricks

3. Phil Smage