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Houston SX Results

SX Class: Round 5

1. T. Canard

2. R. Dungey

3. R. Villopoto

4. D. Millsaps

5. A. Short

6. C. Reed

7. K. Roczen

8. B. Metcalfe

9. I. Tedesco

10. M. Alessi

11. T. Hahn

12. N. Wey

13. J. Brayton

14. W. Peick

15. J. Stewart

16. K. Great

17. V. Friese

18. C. Blose

19. K. Windham

20. J. Thomasng Team Manager, Erik Kehoe. “As opposed to attempting to fight along and continue dashing at under 100 percent restrain, he’s settled on a sharp decision to have the helpful surgery done now so he can make a full return to hustling not long from now.”