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Report | Supercross Race (Round 6 – Houston)

A Texas-sized jam filled the stadium in Houston Saturday night for an essence of Supercross activity, and that is precisely what the 45,000+ available got. In the opening race of the Supercross Lites Eastern Regional Championship, GEICO Honda’s Justin Barcia got off to an extraordinary begin and demonstrated he has what it takes to complete the process of, holding off Dean Wilson to get the win. It was another mind blowing appear in the headliner with early show, lead changes, huge names floundering and a new kid on the block phenom getting his initially checkered banner! By the end of the night, the scene of the general focuses pursue had moved and it is by and by an open field with a title ready for whoever gets there first.

As the door dropped in the headliner, the column of dirtbike protective caps bursted forward toward an unusally tight first turn. It was this fastener corner that caused a noteworthy accident of riders enthusiastic for the holeshot, including focuses pioneer James Stewart and Aussie extraordinary Chad Reed. With two of the prime-clocks down right on time, it rapidly turned into a four man race to the complete, with swarm fave Kevin Windham getting a charge out of the early lead. However Windham would in the long run have a terrible fall, putting him out of the race and offering approach to ruling champ Ryan Dungey and freshman sensation Trey Canard, who both put on a gigantic forward and backward exertion towards the end goal. At last, Canard hung on and won his first arrangement triumph with Dungey simply behind him for a genuinely necessary second.

It was a mixed night for Ryan Villopoto, who became involved with the main turn and was pursuing twelfth the principal lap. Yet, he dashed hard and consistent, and got himself to another platform with a hard-battled third place. It was that exertion that gained him the general focuses lead before the night’s over, as it was an extremely tought night for James Stewart. In the wake of being amidst the accident on the principal turn, Bubba was at that point raising the back. And after that, while attempting to get once again into the race, he arrived individually Jason Thomas, basically finishing both of their evenings. A bad news for Bubba, who now sits second by and large in the standings. Look at it:

Supercross Results

1. Trey Canard HON

2. Ryan Dungey SUZ

3. Ryan Villopoto KAW

4. Davi Millsaps YAM

5. Andrew Short KTM

6. Chad Reed HON

7. Ken Roczen KTM

8. Brett Metcalfe SUZ

9. Ivan Tedesco KAW

10. Mike Alessi KTM

11. T Hahn YAM

12. N Wey YAM

13. J Brayton YAM

14. W Peick YAM

15. James Stewart YAM

16. Kyle Regal YAM

17. V Friese YAM

18. C Blose KAW

19. Kevin Windham HON

20. J Thomas SUZ

Supercross Points

Ryan Villopoto 132

James Stewart 123

Trey Canard 112

Chad Reed 105

Ryan Dungey 101

Andrew Short 80

Brett Metcalfe 80

Justin Brayton 65

Davi Millsaps 62

Kevin Windham 61

Ivan Tedesco 60

Kyle Chisholm 46

Scratch Wey 44

Kyle Regal 43

Chris Blose 34

Mike Alessi 31

Weston Peick 22

Matt Boni 20

Thomas Hahn 17

Jason Thomas 15

250 Lites East Results

1. Justin Barcia HON

2. Dean Wilson KAW

3. Blake Baggett KAW

4. Ryan Sipes YAM

5. Ian Trettel SUZ

6. Blake Wharton HON

7. Jason Anderson SUZ

8. L Vincent HON

9. Matt Lemoine KAW

10. Alex Martin HON

11. C Gosselaar SUZ

12. S Rife HON

13. G Audette YAM

14. Malcolm Stewart SUZ

15. Nico Izzi HON

16. A Catanzaro HON

17. T Futrell HON

18. PJ Larsen KTM

19. L Kilbarger HON

20. D Durham HON

250 Lites East Points

Justin Barcia 25

Dignitary Wilson 22

Blake Baggett 20

Ryan Sipes 18

Ian Trettel 16

Blake Wharton 15

Jason Anderson 14

L Vincent 13

Matt Lemoine 12

Alex Martin 11

C Gosselaar 10

S Rife 9

G Audette 8

Malcolm Stewart 7

Nico Izzi 6

A Catanzaro 5

T Futrell 4

PJ Larsen 3

L Kilbarger 2

D Durham 1