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Report | Supercross Race (Round 16 – Salt Lake City)

On a cool and fresh night in Utah, the beasts of Supercross put everything at stake by and by for prime position to take the general AMA/FIM title one week from now in Las Vegas. It was a high-show occasion all the way as the fans close by savored watching the game’s best fight it out with such a great amount in question. By lap two of the headliner, the four men in line for the title were full scale front and giving the motocross world an unfathomable race understanding. Isolated by only nine focuses in the in general: James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed and Ryan Villopoto had their motocross boots dove in and their dirtbike head protectors tied tight, as it would have been a thunder royale for 20 laps-with the victor an obvious most loved to win everything at one week from now’s finale…

Prior in the day, snow had really fallen and crisp temps undermined the whole occasion. Be that as it may, only a couple of hours after the fact, the motocross divine beings mediated and the sun looked through, warming up an excellent track and giving the fans a chance to completely fill the stadium. The training rounds, pushed back by only two or three hours, gave the riders a vibe for the exceptionally specialized track-an extraordinary test for this point in the season. As he does as such regularly, James Stewart rankled the quickest lap time by and by. It was clear he would be a factor when the door dropped in the night’s headliner.

In the West Lites division, the standard suspects were all in the headliner however the went poorly the way Josh Hansen had imagined. One of the faves of the arrangement, he endured a late-summer in the Lites fundamental and was never ready to recuperate, essentially removing him from the general title pursue. Eli Tomac rode a solid race, driving almost the entire way and never truly beeing tested on the way to triumph. The win gets him only two focuses off the general lead and right up to the knees in trouble one week from now in “Transgression City”. Ken Roczen took second, and is adjusting into frame a bit past the point of no return after a moderate begin prior in the season. He shows alot of guarantee going ahead, and will likely be a factor in the finale. Arrangement pioneer Broc Tickle oversaw third and another excursion to the platform. His restricted lead in the general remains in a critical state, and he will no uncertainty have some restless evenings this week paving the way to the BIG confrontation in Vegas!!! Can’t wait!!!!

The headliner for the huge bore circuit was appropriate out of a Hollywood motion picture, with the best four in the standings all riding in advance for most of the occasion. Bubba Stewart set the tone with holeshot, and was running quick and irate from the get-go. It was that ludicrous speed maybe that prompted his beast truck wheel crash that removed him from the race. How he got back on the track after that spill (and dealing with a tenth!) is past me, yet it disabled his odds for the general title. That left RV2 out front, with Chad Reed giving pursue and shielding champ Ryan Dungey trailing in a far off third. Dungey, with a flawed bicycle set-up, never extremely debilitated and appeared surrendered to his inevitable third place wrap up. Reed would fight hard, regularly demonstrating his authority of the whoops segments. In any case, he just couldn’t shake an amusement Villopoto, who ran quick and hard to the checkered banner! This was the 6th win of the season for Ryan Villopoto, who has been the most reliable and meriting rider this season, yet his general lead is as yet limit enough to leave a little piece of show going into one week from now’s finale. RV2 needs to complete in the best 5 one week from now to take his first AMA/FIM Supercross title, and I would bet the house on him riding a shrewd, safe race to the title. In any case, Reed (in his Shift attire) and Dungey(who will no uncertainty shake the Fox dirtbike outfit) will surely appear prepared, and it ought to be an awesome environment one week from now! I mean – HELLO – it’s Vegas??? How about we take a gander at the standings with one occasion left on the calendar:

Supercross Results

1. Ryan Villopoto KAW

2. Chad Reed HON

3. Ryan Dungey SUZ

4. Andrew Short KTM

5. Davi Millsaps YAM

6. Kevin Windham HON

7. Jake Weimer KAW

8. Thomas Hahn YAM

9. Justin Brayton YAM

10. James Stewart YAM

11. Nick Wey YAM

12. Kyle Regal YAM

13. Michael Byrne SUZ

14. Chris Blose KAW

15. T Bowers KAW

16. J Thomas SUZ

17. R Kiniry KAW

18. Cole Siebler KAW

19. B Lamay YAM

20. Mike Alessi KTM

Supercross Points

Ryan Villopoto 318

Chad Reed 309

Ryan Dungey 306

James Stewart 284

Trey Canard 255

Andrew Short 214

Kevin Windham 202

Davi Millsaps 172

Justin Brayton 153

Scratch Wey 139

Ivan Tedesco 134

Mike Alessi 114

Brett Metcalfe 107

Kyle Regal 95

Chris Blose 94

Michael Byrne 67

Thomas Hahn 66

Fabien Izoird 63

Austin Stroupe 55

Matt Boni 48

250 Lites West Results

1. Eli Tomac HON

2. Ken Roczen KTM

3. Broc Tickle KAW

4. Cole Seely HON

5. K Cunningham YAM

6. Tyla Rattray KAW

7. Ryan Morais SUZ

8. Martin Davalos SUZ

9. T Baker HON

10. B Evans KAW

11. T Weeck HON

12. J Canada KAW

13. Josh Hansen KAW

14. T Ingalls HON

15. B Rutherford KAW

16. C Hinson KTM

17. D Vawser KAW

18. L Powell HON

19. T Tapia KTM

20. Nick Paluzzi YAM

250 Lites West Points

Broc Tickle 165

Eli Tomac 163

Josh Hansen 151

Cole Seely 131

Ryan Morias 124

Tyla Rattray 111

Ken Roczen 105

Kyle Cunningham 105

Martin Davalos 95

Ben Evans 68

James Decotis 67

Travis Baker 61

Scratch Paluzzi 54

Antonio Balbi 50

Ryan Marmont 48

Bruce Rutherford 44

Jake Canada 38

Casey Hinson 26

Tommy Weeck 24

Gared Steinke 21