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Mike Alessi got the holeshot of the headliner with close organization from Justin Barcia, James Stewart and Bobby Kiniry. Ryan Villopoto, Chad Reed and Ryan Dungey were additionally within the best ten by the third lap, yet a crash from Kyle Chisholm after the second triple brought about a warning. The riders were arranged for yet another single-document restart in the accompanying request: Stewart, Barcia, Alessi, Reed, Kiniry, Villopoto, Dungey, Short, Peick, Millsaps, et cetera. Villopoto was docked a couple of positions for multiplying the triple’s arrivals on the warning.

Alessi made it past Barcia on the restart, however Barcia influenced the go to back on Alessi before the finish of the lap. Villopoto influenced a pass on Reed in the begin of lap five while a best three to fight started to create between Stewart, Barcia and Villopoto. Villopoto kicked it up an indent in lap eight and influenced a go to stick on Barcia, thus concentrating on Stewart. He came in hot and made an inside pass on Stewart in the corner before the whoops, yet Stewart saw it coming, squared up the turn and kept up the lead. Villopoto took another cut at it two turns later—before the sand segment—and influenced it to work. Stewart endeavored to retake the lead two or three turns later, yet Villopoto detected the square pass coming and the two went low into the corner. The two riders didn’t have enough energy to do the triple and needed to move it, which additionally held up Barcia, Reed and Dungey from tripling and made a nearby best five gathering.

Barcia was the first to commit an error—neglecting to complete a twofold—in the midst of the turmoil a let both Reed and Dungey by. Villopoto gained by his lead and began extending the hole amongst himself and Stewart, relaxing the race by lap 15. The riders held their position until the checkered banner, despite the fact that Dungey began constraining Reed, and Millsaps started to surround the main five. Ryan Villopoto took the win with Stewart, Reed, Dungey and Barcia adjusting the main five.