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Headliner 2 Results:

1. Barcia

2. Dungey

3. Alessi

4. Tomac

5. Give

6. Reed

7. Cunningham

8. Brayton

9. Chisholm

10. Canada

11. Craig

12. Villopoto

13. Balbi

14. Politelli

15. LeMay

16. Friese

17. Rusk

18. Weimer

19. J Alessi

20. Swanepoel

21. Howell

22. Partridge

Considerably crazier stuff in Main Event 2- – this is the thing that this occasion is made for. Villopoto and Dungey struggled next to each other off the begin, however Dungey by and by had shifter issues (saying “I hit some stuff in the back and it fouled some stuff up”) and began dropping back. At that point Villopoto slammed out of the lead without anyone else’s input! He got up in last.

This place Dungey into the lead, however he was battling, and Mike Alessi exploited to get around and lead the pack. At that point a Barcia/Reed fight discovered them, prompting a four-rider duel for the lead. Barcia pulled off a unimaginable twofold pass on Reed and Dungey to take second, and after that he and Alessi occupied with an inside-outside fight for the lead. Barcia took it over at last and attempted to pull away, however Reed dodged into the Joker Lane early. He clutched third, and it seemed as though he was sufficiently close to perhaps pass Barcia and Alessi when they took the Joker. In any case, at that point Reed washed the front end and went down!

Barcia took the Joker Lane and Alessi got him back, they fought hard for the lead again and Barcia rose with the main spot. At that point Alessi needed to take the Joker, enabling Dungey to get around and assume control second- – a momentous recuperation considering he couldn’t move the bicycle. Be that as it may, Barcia took the win, giving him 2-1 scores heading into the last headliner.

Here’s the situation: it would appear that Barcia versus Dungey for the general win. Dungey needs to win the last principle, and if Barcia completes third or more regrettable, Dungey wins. In the event that Barcia takes a moment, he secures regardless of what Dungey does. With any semblance of Reed and Villopoto in the field as spoilers, anything can happen.