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Take Wil Hahn off the rundown of “awesome riders to never win a supercross” by taking his first vocation W. What’s more, he did it in great form, holeshotting the headliner with focuses pioneer Dean Wilson directly behind him. And afterward Hahn rode a close immaculate race, assembling a little hole on Wilson lap by lap, until the point when he had around 3 seconds by the midway stamp. Wilson was then in threat of doing combating for second with Marvin Musquin, yet then he ventured it up in the second 50% of the race, increasing his pace and attempting to run Hahn down. In lapped movement, Wilson could shut in, and afterward a hard run on the last lap brought him inside striking separation. Yet, Hahn hung extreme and never let the weight impact him—it was a very much earned win. Wilson and Musquin balanced the platform, and Blake Wharton held off Jeremy Martin in a race for fourth and fifth.