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Red Bull KnockOut 2016 Packs a Punch

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Three times MX2 best on the planet Jeffrey Herlings scored a pounding awesome triumph on the shorelines of Holland. What’s more, in doing as such, he is beating 1,000 riders to win Red Bull KnockOut 2016.

Having won the qualifying race early in the day in style, Herlings was completely relentless in the last, impacting through the field to triumph on a testing 5 km track laid out on the shoreline at The Hague in the Netherlands.

As of now hailed as the best sand rider on the planet, Herlings conveyed his title year to a fabulous end with a masterclass in sand hustling. It was a prominent home triumph for the fans, as Herlings turned into the principal Dutchman to win the Red Bull KnockOut since Marc De Reuver in 2006.

Be that as it may, while Herlings drove the path, behind him an emotional race unfurled in the sands.


The opening lap saw Herlings lead the pack from defening champion, Axel Van de Sande, and his KTM Factory Racing colleague Glenn Coldenhoff, with Steve Ramon in close consideration. After under 10 minutes of hustling, Herlings had officially opened up a 19-second lead.

Kindred Dutchman Coldenhoff passed Van de Sande on the accompanying lap, with the Belgian veteran Ramon, himself a Red Bull KnockOut champ here in 2008, taking third place and resisting his 36 years to stay in contact with the two Dutchmen.

While Herlings scythed his way through the field to keep up a persuading lead, the fight for second and third warmed up.

After Coldenhoff’s pitstop at center separation, Ramon assumed control second place and began to burrow profound endeavoring to open a hole. As the course asserted Van de Sande and Jamie McCanney, Coldenhoff shut in, however Britain’s Nathan Watson abruptly posed a potential threat in his rearview mirrors, taking third place quickly before setting for more fuel.

A depleted Jeffrey Herlings toward the finish of Red Bull Knock Out 2016 in The Hauge, Netherlands on November 19, 2016

Depleted and elated: Jeffrey Herlings © Marcel van Hoorn

Jeffrey Herlings was relentless in the sand on his approach to triumph at Red Bull Knock Out 2016 in The Hague, Netherlands on November 19, 2016

Jeffrey Herlings gave a sand riding masterclass ©

1000 motorike riders thunder away toward the begin of Red Bull Knock Out in The Hague, Netherlands onNovember 19, 2016

1,000 riders took the begin at Red Bull Knock Out © Jarno Schurgers

Massed motorike riders sit tight for the begin of Red Bull Knock Out 2016 on the shoreline at The Hague, Netherlands on November 19, 2016

There wasn’t breathing room behind the entryway © Jarno Schurgers

Ramon set as well, returning second place to Coldenhoff. The inquiry was, what would occur following a hour of hustling, when the X-Loop opened?

New for 2016, the X-Loop is a super intense and specialized area that became an integral factor in the last 45 minutes of the race. It incorporated the rollers: Hefty logs that debilitated to break the spirits — and bicycles — of the depleted riders.

While it changed the course to suit Enduro World Championship racer Watson’s abilities, when it opened, Herlings as of now had a lead of two minutes.

Jeffrey Herlings goes over the last bounce on his approach to triumph at Red Bull Knock Out 2016 in The Hague, Netherlands on November 19, 2016


Ten minutes after the X-Loop opened, Watson passed Coldenhoff for second place. He declined to surrender however, opening up the throttle to stay in contact with the Brit and exchanging places over and over; Watson driving on the straight, yet Coldenhoff speedier through the whoops.

It was exciting stuff, yet Coldenhoff needed to yield and go up against more fuel, leaving Watson to pursue Herlings.

Herlings, then, had enough of leeway that he could make his second pitstop and still turn out ahead of the pack.

“The track was really level to begin with, which made it simpler for everybody,” said Herlings toward the end. “When it got rougher, it turned out to be more similar to a MXGP track, I felt more at home and could surpass.”

“Different riders here are truly pros at this. I indicated them I can do it also. This was an incredible race and I had an awesome lead. It went extremely well and that is simply astounding.

“I think this is the hardest shoreline race on the planet. I know when I see my bed today around evening time, I’ll nod off quickly.”


Red Bull KnockOut is likewise a race against the components, as the riders go up against solidifying winds, the rising tide and a sandy 5 km track that gets harder and rougher with each passing bicycle.

For 2016, the riders were looked with a totally new track, starting with a 1.5-mile dash along the shores of the solidifying North Sea, before transforming into a tight, specialized area with more than 57 hops. Following a hour of hustling, a wounding new segment was added to the moto track, the X-Loop, including an extra 30 hops and a log area to test the depleted riders to limit in the last 45 minutes of dashing.


It was Herlings who set the pace toward the beginning of the day qualifying race, which including 1000 riders participating in the mass begin from the base of the acclaimed wharf.

The initial 100 Red Bull KnockOut riders to set off included enormous names like Coldenhoff, Ramon and Watson. They were close by master sand racers like protecting champion Van de Sande and Camille Chapelière.

To begin with distinction went to Watson, who took the holeshot. In any case, he was soon upgraded by Chapelière. Herlings in the interim was held up by a messed up refueling stop. Accordingly, he needs to stop for a moment time. He came thundering out of the pits and soon led the pack, coasting past Chapelière to take a famous opening win.