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Whibley Wins Amsoil Ironman GNCC

Thomas takes XC2 win

Crawfordsville, IN (October 24, 2010) – Paul Whibley guaranteed a stupendous win at the Amsoil Ironman GNCC in Crawfordsville, Indiana – the thirteenth and last round of the 2010 Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series.

The win was Whibley’s second in succession and it was seen by more than 10,500 observers; the biggest group to go to a GNCC as of late.

The Am Pro/FMF/Yamaha-supported Whibley was compelled late in the race by recently delegated XC1 champ Josh Strang, yet at last the cards fell toward Whibley and the New Zealander ran home with the checkers and the check.

“This was an okay method to complete off the year and it’s great force for next season,” said Whibley. “It will give me certainty and great inspiration over the break.”

Whibley drove the majority of the three-hour race, however it was recently delegated XC2 champion Kailub Russell who commenced the race by snatching the $250 MotorcyceUSA.com Holeshot Award on his FMF/KTM. Since he had wrapped up the XC2 title at the past round in Ohio, Russell chose to bounce to the XC1 class for the Ironman, and he drove Whibley and FMF/KTM’s Cory Buttrick into the forested areas to begin the opening lap. Russell’s day was fleeting, in any case, after he overwhelmed in a waterhole on the opening lap, leaving Whibley with no problems for whatever remains of the lap.

Because of the outrageous dry spell that Indiana has encountered over the mid year, clean played a factor in the current year’s race, as a couple of best riders, including Strang, endured issues because of stopped up air channels. Strang surrounded Whibley at the halfway purpose of the race, and he led the pack in one of the quickest zones on the track. Notwithstanding, Strang’s bicycle begun to sputter in no time a short time later, and the Rockstar Makita Suzuki rider limped in for a possible eleventh.

Obermeyer/Am Pro/FMF Yamaha’s Charlie Mullins endured a comparable destiny in the wake of running as his as second at a certain point.

Second in general went to Am Pro/FMF/Yamaha’s Thad DuVall, who held off a late charge by third place finisher Chris Bach.

DuVall came into the race needing to get a win, be that as it may, he lost no less than a moment to the pack when he stalled out on one of the occasion’s gnarly tough trips, which extremely hurt his odds.

“I knew I blew a shot at the win when I stalled out, yet I simply held my head down and charged,” said DuVall. “I got an unexpected burst of energy on that last lap and I saw Bach was coming so I lifted it up and could get second.”

Subsequent to getting off to a mid-pack begin, Bach worked his route consistently to the front and could leave away with third on his Clockwork/Ride PG-supported KTM with a solid push on the last lap.

“It was scrappy out there,” said the Indiana local. “However, with everything taken into account it was a decent day. It’s great to get up on the platform, I was concerned there for some time I wouldn’t get on the case for the place where I grew up individuals, however I burrowed down profound and completed it.”

Glenn Kearney blew the begin, too, yet figured out how to discover has route into fourth before the finish of the race. The production line Husqvarna rider smashed on the principal lap and got mud on his gloves, yet grabbed the pace in the late phases of the race.

“My bicycle didn’t begin on the principal kick, so I was about tenth going into the forested areas,” said Kearney. “It was hard to see that far back, yet we got to a sloppy place and I figured I may have the capacity to make a couple of leaves yet I finished behind smashing. I battled for the principal couple of laps endeavoring to get things arranged, however I began moving entirely great after that.”

In the mean time, fifth went to Buttrick, who heads to Mexico this week for the ISDE.

“I got off to a fair begin, yet on one of the huge slopes I hit a root at its highest point and the bicycle slid out on me,” said the main year XC1 rider. “It was an extreme day, yet I’ll make sense of this stuff. This is the sort of landscape I have to chip away at.”

GEICO/JG Off Road/Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Jimmy Jarrett completed out the day in 6th with an enduring ride while Australian Jarrod Bewley was a valid seventh on a KTM he obtained from Shane Watts.

A trio of Kawasaki riders, Justin Williamson, Kenneth Gilbert and Eric Bailey balanced the best 10 in the XC1 division.

In the XC2 class, Monster Energy Andrews Cycles’ Jason Thomas asserted his third win of the year, prevailing over KTM rider Jesse Robinson by simply under a moment.

“I needed to go out with a win and I could see Jesse back there and I continued smashing however I simply continued onward and I’m cheerful I could get the win,” said Thomas. “I was dead last off the begin yet I just rode shrewd and I could work to the front lastly make up for lost time to Jesse.”

Robinson, who was wiped out with a cool on the morning of the race, drove amid the early going, yet couldn’t hold off Thomas’ late charge.

“When I got ahead of the pack I put my head down yet when I would charge I would begin hacking, so I was never ready to ride like I needed to ride,” said Robinson.

Steward Baylor Jr. adjusted the XC2 platform on his KTM, regardless of additionally experiencing a stopped up channel.

“I was getting off the bicycle and pushing up the enormous slopes since I didn’t have any power,” said Baylor. “At that point, I hit a major kicker out in the field and went end over end, so it wasn’t my greatest day.”

Ted Mullins completed fourth in his first GNCC race of the year, prevailing over individual Yamaha rider Morgan Moss.

John Maschino edged Brian Maschino for 6th, while Kawasaki rider Gregory Funk was eighth in front of Yamaha Cody Gragg.

Daniel Sims was tenth on his Yamaha subsequent to getting the $100 Motorcycle-USA.com Holeshot Award to begin the race.

Jordan Ashburn was indeed the Overall Amateur Award champ in the wake of taking a strong tenth general wrap up. The Kawasaki rider additionally won the Open A division.

Early in the day race, Shawn Clark beat out individual Yamaha rider Jeff Cregg to win the Sportsman A class with Kawasaki rider Chad Tallman in third.

In the Youth race, Austin Lee topped Anthony Jackson to assert the Youth Overall win. Lee additionally won the Super Mini (12-13) division, while Jackson won the Super Mini (14-15) class.

XC1 Results:

1. Paul Whibley (Yam)

2. Thad DuVall (Yam)

3. Chris Bach (KTM)

4. Glenn Kearney (Hus)

5. Cory Buttrick (KTM)

6. Jimmy Jarrett (Kaw)

7. Jarrod Bewley (KTM)

8. Justin Williamson (Kaw)

9. Kenneth Gilbert (Kaw)

10. Eric Bailey (Kaw)

XC1 Standings:

1. Josh Strang (290/5 wins)

2. Charlie Mullins (256/3 wins)

3. Paul Whibley (250/2 wins)

4. Cory Buttrick (241/1 win)

5. Chris Bach (212)

6. Glenn Kearney (207)

7. Nate Kanney (171)

8. Barry Hawk Jr. (160)

9. Kenneth Gilbert (143)

10. Thad DuVall (138)

XC2 Results:

1. Jason Thomas (Hus)

2. Jesse Robinson (KTM)

3. Steward Baylor Jr. (KTM)

4. Ted Mullins (Yam)

5. Morgan Moss (Yam)

6. John Maschino (Yam)

7. Brian Maschino (Yam)

8. Gregory Funk (Kaw)

9. Cody Gragg (Yam)

10. Daniel Sims (Yam)

XC2 Standings:

1. Kailub Russell (313/8 wins)

2. Jason Thomas (312/3 wins)

3. Jesse Robinson (272/2 wins)

4. Scott Watkins (230)

5. Steward Baylor Jr. (219)

6. Cerebrum Lawson (150)

7. David Snyder (123)

8. Check Fortner (122)

9. Dustin Gibson (108)

10. Nicholas Hunter (100)

MotorcycleUSA.com $250 XC1 holeshot – Kailub Russell

MotorcycleUSA.com $100 XC2 holeshot – Daniel Simms

General Amateur Award – Jordan Ashburn

About GNCC Racing:

The Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series is America’s chief rough terrain hustling arrangement. Established in 1979, the 13-round title is delivered solely by Racer Productions. Crosscountry hustling is a standout amongst the most physically requesting sports on the planet. The tiresome three-hour GNCC races lead upwards of 1,800 riders through tracks running long from eight to 12 miles, going after more than $3 million in prizes. With fluctuated landscape, including slopes, woods, mud, soil, rocks and motocross areas, GNCC occasions are trial of both survival and speed. For more data, please visit www.gnccracing.com.