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In some ways, the normal happened in qualifying practice at Anaheim Stadium today, where another organization (with one untimed hone took after by two coordinated ones) was actualized.

In the 450cc class, James Stewart was speediest, obviously. What’s more, in the Lites class, the same number of expected, Jake Weimer was speediest. Be that as it may, that is not all that went on.


Jake Weimer

Max Anstie

Josh Hansen

Trey Canard

Ryan Morais

Broc Tickle

As was already called attention to, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer was quickest in the two practices today, and he was the main Lites rider to dunk into the 58-second range, putting in a 58.797. Second generally speaking was DNA Shred Stix/Star Yamaha’s Max Anstie with a 59.228, just before Weimer’s colleague Josh Hansen, with a 59.271. At that point came Trey Canard with a 59.274, Ryan Morais with a 59.335, Broc Tickle with a 59.383, Blake Wharton with a 59.493, Gautier Paulin with a 59.518, Tommy Searle with a 59.579, Wil Hahn with a 59.652, and after that Cole Seely with a 59.812. The best 11 are isolated by a little more than a moment.

Lites O/A:

1. Jake Weimer (58.797)

2. Max Anstie (59.228)

3. Josh Hansen (59.271)

4. Trey Canard (59.274)

5. Ryan Morais (59.335)

6. Broc Tickle (59.383)

7. Blake Wharton (59.493)

8. Gautier Paulin (59.518)

9. Tommy Searle (59.579)

10. Wil Hahn (59.652)

James Stewart

Ryan Dungey

Josh Hill

Justin Brayton

Chad Reed


In the 450cc class, L&M Yamaha’s James Stewart was the speediest with a blasting 56.820, yet the unexpected accompanies Rockstar/Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey, who put in a 56.857, under four hundredths of a moment behind.

Josh Hill is additionally an astonishment with the third-speediest time at 57.202, before Davi Millsaps (57.278) and Justin Brayton (57.355). Chad Reed was 6th subsequent to hauling out of the second practice session with stomach issues. What’s more, Ryan Villopoto was looked at the Asterisk fix after the second practice with a sore wrist from a crash in the start of the session.

450 O/A:

1. James Stewart (56.820)

2. Ryan Dungey (56.857)

3. Josh Hill (57.202)

4. Davi Millsaps (57.278)

5. Justin Brayton (57.355)

6. Chad Reed (57.679)

7. Andrew Short (57.745)

8. Kevin Windham (57.936)

9. Ryan Villopoto (58.301)

10. Dan Reardon (58.361