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Michael Leib is out for Oakland, and likely the period after a ferocious collision throughout qualifying left him with a presumed broken leg, perhaps 2. Leib was going into a rhythm area when he looked at benches, expelled and landed hard in the dust, sans bike. Leib most likely to the healthcare facility where he’ll undergo further examination. We’ll publish more as details appear.

Update Leib went through surgical treatment yesterday to fix his right tib/fib and his right foot, right huge toe and left pinky toe. Leib uploaded the complying with on Instagram:

From surgical procedure from early this morning. Appears like the procedure worked out. Time to heal up now. Thanks for all the assistance from everyone. Sorry, I have actually not been on my phone the last few days to reply to any person, yet I have actually read everybody’s messages and I can not thank sufficient for the positivity, petitions, and also assistance. #BeLeib 61.