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The first round of the 2016 FIM World Motocross Title starts this end of the week at Losail in Qatar. We saw the 2016 season recently, which you can mind here.

On Friday, the principal qualifying races of the season (to decide entryway picks for tomorrow’s race) were run. In MX2, Red Bull KTM’s Jeffrey Herlings returned in the wake of missing the majority of the last season to secure the prevail upon Dylan Ferrandis and Pauls Jonass- – a year ago’s MX2 sprinter up. American Thomas Covington had a revealed mechanical issue and completed twenty-fourth.

In MXGP, Evgeny Bobryshev topped 2015 MX2 best on the planet Tim Gajser, with guarding MXGP champion Romain Febvre in third. Eight-time titleholder Antonio Cairoli completed fourth.

Merciful Desalle, who broke his arm a week ago, just put in two laps previously hauling out of the race. He completed twenty-first.

The live scope of tomorrow’s race can be seen on MXGP-television. com starting at 8:10 a.m. EST


1. Evgeny Bobryshev

2. Tim Gajser

3. Romain Febvre

4. Antonio Cairoli

5. Glenn Goldenhoff

6. Gautier Paulin

7. Max Nagl

8. Shaun Simpson

9. Tommy Searle

10. Kevin Strijbos

11. Jeremy Van Horebeek

12. Valentin Guillod

13. Jose Butron

14. Alessandro Lupino

15. Tanel Leok

16. Miko Potisek

17. Ben Townley

18. Christophe Charlier

19. Alex Day off

20. Kei Yamamoto

21. Merciful Desalle


1. Jeffrey Herlings

2. Dylan Ferrandis

3. Pauls Jonass

4. Jeremy Seewer

5. Benoit Paturel

6. Petar Petrov

7. Aleksandr Tonkov

8. Vsevolod Brylyakov

9. Max Anstie

10. Davy Pootjes

11. Jens Getteman

12. Samuele Bernardini

13. Brent Van doninck

14. Ben Watson

15. Brian Bogers

16. Henry Jacobi

17. Karel Kutar

18. Jorge Zaragoza

19. Damon Graulus

20. Alvin Ostlund

21. Maykai Grisha Ivanov

22. Freek van der Vlist

23. Calvin Vlaanderen

24. Thomas Covington

25. Alfie Smith