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I needed to repair a fence between two of my buds and also get Wil’s input about the mind of best racers.

(Disclaimer: Matthes requesting that I get in contact with Wil while he was traveling to JMB-arrive and was about me asking about “Beeker-entryway”.)

Swizcore-First things initially, is Matthes still dead to you?

Will Hahn-Not dead however being honest, I don’t get the way it got dramatically overemphasized over nothin’. Individuals can call me a churlish little child or whatever, a lot of individuals did, however all I said was “stunning” and “twofold goodness”. That is every one of that was stated, I never said “gracious you’re a simpleton”. I never said anything. The entire thing got made a huge deal about and how he treated individuals that are in my corner and behind me, I truly didn’t concur with. So would he say he is dead to me? No, I couldn’t care less. In the event that he says Hi to me, I’m going to state Hi; I’m not that sort of individual but rather did I lose some regard? Indeed. That is simply me being straightforward and honest with myself.