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At the point when the music halted on the 2009/2010 senseless season in the US, PJ Larsen was one of the unfortunate riders that was left without a seat. PJ was conveyed to the then MXRad/JDR Motorsports group and PJ was flown down under to race an open bicycle at the last round of the Super X arrangement in Brisbane. Larsen checked a best 5 against some intense rivalry and wound up doing what’s necessary to get himself a Lites contract in 2010 on the new JDR Motorsports/Motorex KTM group.

Larsen has been riding strong recently and even rode his way into the production line FMF/KTM group for a few West Coast Supercross races for harmed Tommy Searle. PJ by and by bounced on the 14 hour flight to Sydney to get ready for his own particular strike on the Australian MX Nationals and it would appear that he is onto something to be thankful for subsequent to ruling the first round in Horsham. We spent the prior week Horsham recording with PJ as he was in definite prep mode before the race however we got this meeting with him soon after winning the first round.

So mate, congrats on winning your first race in Australia!

Much obliged to you…

I wager coming into it you didn’t imagine that you would complete it 1-11-1 score right?

I beyond any doubt didn’t! The main moto was extraordinary, winning that and afterward when I went down in the second race I believed that I had blew my shot at the generally speaking yet it appears like everybody had a much inconvenience as I did with the track being how it was so it wound up being beneficial for me.

Coming into that last race it was tied in with getting a begin and afterward simply running my own race out front. I realized that in the event that I could get out there and simply remain out of inconvenience I would search useful for the win yet it was impossible to say who might bring home the by and large. My partner Ryan Marmont was strong throughout the day so I thought perhaps he would have it yet I did sufficiently only to get the in general. The thing about the configuration is that there is a great deal of focuses up for gets so you can’t ever truly stand to have a terrible moto yet you have the opportunity to make up great focuses back in the meantime.

In the second race when the rain descended it appeared as though it was to a greater extent a race against the track, not so much a race againt 39 different folks!

It truly was, the conditions turned extremely awful and I didn’t help the circumstance when I went down in the primary turn. I really got the holeshot yet after I went down I simply fell ideal to the back of the pack. I got up and passed a group of individuals and after that went down again so after that it was extremely simply a question of riding around and overcoming.

In the wake of hustling against these folks, what do you think about the level of ability here?

There are a ton of extremely quick person’s here that is without a doubt. Clearly we had an extremely intense track to manage and a group of the best folks had their up’s and downs as well. I realize that it will be an entire diverse story when we as a whole hit Canberra in a little while. This is an extremely long arrangement with a considerable measure of moto’s and a great deal of focuses and I think each end of the week for the entire arrangement the Aussie folks will step it up!

How are you sinking into life in Australia now? It has been about a month right?

Gracious no doubt, I am having a fabulous time here… I am really attempting to discover an auto to drive at the present time and get those kind of points of interest dialed in yet separated from that everything is great. I have been living with my group administrator Jay and I get a long with him wonderful and also his entire family, it is those kinds of things that make it that significantly less demanding to progress in another way of life.

From being around you the entire week it appears as though there is an extremely incredible vibe inside the group?

No doubt there truly is! We are altogether cooperating and we are all in agreement with a considerable measure of things and it just makes everything stream which is the way that it should be on the off chance that we will win this title. They are continually needing to buckle down on the testing side of things and right now I have a bicycle that I am agreeable on yet we are normally going to simply continue striving to improve it as the arrangement goes on.

Did you think coming into that you would have been that considerably quicker than most others?

No I didn’t, you generally trust that your going to be quick however. Indeed, even after I got the quickest time in qualifying sort of took it with a grain of salt in any case, on the grounds that there are dependably folks that improve the situation in the moto’s and they are constantly ravenous to win.

Can winning as you did at the first round give you somewhat of a misguided sensation that all is well and good?

I can perceive how it would possibly however that is not how it is with me. I may have done great this end of the week however this is the reason we race soil bicycles, since it is another track and new conditions each time we race. I am not underestimating anybody and I am will hold my head down and attempt win this title for the JDR/Motorex KTM Team.

So what’s the program now with a two week break before Canberra?

No progressions to my program that is without a doubt. I am as yet working with my coach in the States and I am content with what we are doing there. I figure I simply need to get some training in for the new configurations and perceive how we go!

Before you go, what do you think about the configurations here?

Definitely I think it is great. It is energizing for the title since we are on the track more circumstances and it is energizing for the fans at the track since it is more similar to a dash race so I am a fan up until this point. Its opposite side is that every week we sort of have something else to prepare for. It’s not simply hammering out 35 resembles at home so we get the chance to blend it up.

Well much obliged for conversing with us!

No, much obliged. I additionally need to express profound gratitude to everybody for checking in and to the greater part of my new family here in Australia. Everybody has been astonishing and it has been a benefit to work with everybody on the group and at the shop at JDR/Motored KTM Racing! See you at Canberra…