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Fox Unleashes New Red Moth LE Gear Spotlight

Fox Unleashes New Red Moth LE Gear!

This is the starting of an entire re-stooped Flexair Gear line from Fox Racing. The best just showed signs of improvement, with all-new Red Moth LE Gear. This earth bicycle clothing is stacked with highlights that will add to the vibe and solidness of this incredible motocross equip!

The Fox 2017 FLEXAIR Racewear gets a totally new suspension plan and numerous specialized charms enabling the best to show signs of improvement.

Also the ultra-smooth “Red Moth” colorway, which is dissimilar to whatever else on the tracks. Nothing say title like the shading red-ask Tiger Woods! Get yours today and feel the distinction!

Fox Racing V3 Red Moth LE Helmet

With Fox protective caps you know you will get quality. Fox Racing has fused the MIPS protective cap framework in their new V3 earth caps. These fox head protectors likewise have a numerous composite shell that come in three distinctive shell sizes. These V3 fox protective caps additionally have eleven admission scoops and four fumes vents which amplify wind current. Fox Racing additionally made a point to adjust their EPS liner with the vents to take into consideration full air dissemination.

Fox caps flaunt an inventive outline to get eyes at the track or on the trails. We can’t state it enough; you know you are getting quality when you choose one of these V3 Fox head protectors.

Fox Racing earth bicycle protective caps are trusted and worn by more supercross champions than some other brand. Fox’s central goal has been, and dependable will be, to make the sharpest, most exceptional MX Helmets in motocross. Enlivened by our reality class competitors, we proceed with drive the envelope with our moto head protector building, plan and innovation.

From passage level to proficient hustling, all Fox Helmets are innovation intended to move certainty. For a definitive in insurance, search for the MIPS seal (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System), which in research facility tests, including the MIPS layer lessened rotational quickening by hosing crash powers and diminishing worry to the cerebrum. Regardless of what you call it, moto, mx, soil bicycle or motocross, Fox Racing keeps on being the pioneer in head protectors.


MIPS [Multi-Directional Impact Protection System]

Shell – Multiple Composite Technology Construction

3 Shell Sizes and 4 EPS Sizes for a Precise Fit

Assurance: Dual Density EPS Liner

14 Intake Scoops and 4 Exhaust Vents for Optimum Airflow.

Dri Lex Comfort Liner for Enhanced Moisture Wicking.

Surpasses ECE and DOT Standards/Certifications

Fox Racing – Flexair Red Moth LE Jersey

Fox Racing Flexair Gear is hands-down the best apparatus accessible. Also, it’s ALL NEW for 2017! Contending with other race-arranged pillars, Fox Racing has built up their own top of the line equip line that close down the opposition. To a great degree looked into and built up, this rigging demonstrates that Fox Racing can contend at all levels of the motocross advertise, and over all socioeconomics.

Unquestionably there is no specialty more vital than the abnormal state moto racers that need to be as quick as could be allowed. Albeit tried vigorously for a considerable length of time, the Fox Head group was not satisfied with their endeavors until this year with the coming of the Fox Flexair Gear. As pleased as they are with their apparatus, they additionally chose to discharge this extraordinary Limited Edition equip.

The Fox Racing Flexair gasp and pullover have officially secured two titles over the span of testing with Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen. Developed of tough, laser punctured, Tru-Motion 4 way extend texture, the Fox Flex Air Ken Roczen Limited Edition Pants are certain to keep you cool amid those long sweltering summer Motos. Race tried and platform demonstrated, the Fox Flex Air is another jump forward in execution adapt. For this situation, trust the buildup!


Taped appears in shoulder and neckline to diminish teasing on body

TruDri fundamental body texture gives a delicate, lightweight fit and dampness administration Laser puncturing on chest expands wind current

All new fortified sleeve gives a thin athletic fit


Fundamental body material is 94% Polyester/6% Spandex. The expansion of spandex fiber in Flexair expands the extend every which way

Flexair Jersey is general 2oz lighter than a 360 Jersey

Flexair utilizes dampness administration textures which rapidly ingest and spread the dampness over the texture for speedier drying

Dampness wicking polyester/spandex extend primary body texture with extend work sides for improved wind stream

Sew free sleeve and fix for diminished mass

Deliberately set laser cut holes for extra wind current

Accuracy fit athletic neckline outline

Fox Racing – Flexair Red Moth LE Pant

On the off chance that you think the re-outline on the Flexair pullover is amazing, at that point hold up until the point that you see the new jeans. These Red Moth LE pants are stacked with new innovation. No doubt about it! Fox Racing is taking the plan of earth bicycle apparatus to an unheard of level…


New knee development gives a smooth execution fit over props or protects

Totally new undercarriage for an enhanced fit

Refreshed inflexible abdomen framework to hold gasp set up

Laser aperture in key zones for upgraded wind stream

Strong 4 way extend TruMotion principle body texture gives unmatched versatility

End of interior liner lessens weight and warmth

Warmth and scraped spot safe calfskin knee boards

Fundamentally taped creases to diminish teasing


Polyester/Stretch principle body for unhindered development on the bicycle

Dashed cowhide internal knee boards for diminished mass and a nearer association with the bicycle

Deliberately set laser cut apertures for include wind stream

Dynamic extend knee board suits knee props or monitors with zero confinement

Strong 4 way extend Tru-Motion fundamental body texture for unmatched portability on the bicycle

Laser punctured ventilation in key territories

Quad extend raise burden for an exact fit in the rider assault position

Twofold layer knee framework to hold up against knee support wear

Substantial vented knee logos keep you cool

What’s more, obviously, the Red Moth LE Instinct Boots…

Fox Racing – Red Moth LE Instinct Boots

Since its beginning, the Fox Instinct Boot has ended up being the world’s quickest motocross boot by winning the previous four supercross and motocross title titles. From the smooth profile, which gives you a superior association with the bicycle, to the unrivaled grasp and strength, each credit was produced to enable you to command the race track.

With a patent pending pivot and clasp framework, the Instinct boot gives a prompt advance in solace and support. Our elite pivot gives sidelong help and bolts out to stop movement before hyperflexion, while the simple clasp framework flexes smoothly without any difficulty of development.

Demonstrated PERFORMANCE.

The Instinct boot enhances execution by giving you more prominent summon of the soil bicycle. A thin average plan gives you an instinctive feel of the bicycle, with a low ride body giving smooth moving and better control of the back brake.

The outsole and consume watch use Duratec for grasp and solidness. This restrictive elastic was built solely by Fox’s advancement group to give you the best preferred standpoint on the track. See with your own eyes why the Instinct is the motocross boot of decision for champions like Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen.


Solace and Support:

Insole: The athletic footbed going about as the primary stage in Instincts dynamic padding framework is like one that you would discover in a running shoe.

Shank: Imbedded in the Polyurethane padded sole, the shank configuration is impeccably situated to give curve bolster while letting the front of the foot and boot flex for bicycle interface and strolling solace.

Padded sole: The PU (Polyurethane) padded sole gives stunning advance in comfort and vibration hosing. The installed tempered Steel Shank is epitomized in the PU material giving the Instinct footpeg curve bolster and marvelous solace (Patented Design).

Foot sole area: The deliberately set TPU Heel Stabilizer gives heel and curve bolster.

Out sole: Features Fox’s DURATAC elastic intensify that scatters vibrations from the bicycle, gives astonishing grasp and exceptional sturdiness (Lifetime Guarantee).


All new Patented clasp outline that uses a rotating catch framework.

By utilizing a circular locking head, the Instinct clasp works like a ball and attachment joint. The catch turns 8 degrees in the two headings taking into account programmed common arrangement of the ties.

Simple to utilize, smooth operation time and time once more.

Clasps move with boot as it flexes.


RCI (Ride Control Interface): The whole outsole and average side of the boot is formed and finished to furnish the rider with unhampered contact with the bicycle.

LRC (Low Ride Chassis): Gets the riders foot bring down and nearer to the footpeg. Lower toe box gives less demanding moving and better back brake feel and control.

DURATAC elastic compound on the outsole, consume monitor and pivot cover was built solely by Fox’s improvement group. The objective was to accomplish ideal hold with impenetrable solidness.

Smooth motion:

FRE Hinge configuration (Full Response Engineering): Provides a controlled scope of development permitting easy straight portability and mind blowing horizontal steadiness.

Protected pivot bolt out stops raise movement before hyper expansion.

Best of boot gasket makes a safe seal. Velcro was disposed of to offer expanded versatility.

Restricted Sole Warranty:

The DURATAC outsole conveys a restricted wear guarantee. Counsel the Users Manual for guarantee points of interest.

Taking everything into account, this new Red Moth LE equip is as cutting edge as it is jazzy. What’s more, it’s all accessible appropriate here at BTO Sports. BTO Sports knows incredible rigging when we see it! Since we have the motocross adapt you need. Also, at a value you can bear! Go ahead finished and let us influence devotees to out of you today.