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Fox & Pro Circuit Join Forces… Look Out.

Fox Racing and Pro Circuit are two of the most prestigious names in motocross. So when they make a video to declare a joining of powers – it’s an occasion. Truth be told, it’s a seismic move of the power adjust in Supercross and Motocross!

Ace Circuit has been handling the most grounded and most predictable race groups on the AMA circuit since 1991-and that makes them an infant when contrasted with the rich hustling history of Fox Racing. Generally, these two juggernauts framing any kind of race association is putting many years of dashing enormity on a similar group.

Simply tap on the video underneath to see the declaration, and envision the potential outcomes when these two put their joined race information and qualities together… SCARY!

Look at it!

Distributed on Jan 4, 2016

“We Race” has been Pro Circuit’s mantra for as far back as four decades. For quite a while it has felt as though they were distant from everyone else in that exertion. Since the starting, Fox and Pro Circuit have been building up amazing inheritances in contrasting ways: The steel that drives us forward, and the texture that ties us together. Joined we have an aggregate of 98 star titles. Today we join two distinct families, a mixing of two one of a kind foundations with a solitary concentration that will everlastingly change the course of history. Producing a solid bond through exertion and perseverance; From this day forward, We Race Together.


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Kemal Golden


Hope to see a lot of both Fox and Pro Circuit on the Supercross platform the country over in 2016! These two organizations are enormous, so you can wager desires are similarly so! What’s more, you know where else you can discover everything Fox Racing and Pro Circuit??