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FMX Friday Gets Full Upgrade. Vegas Style.

This previous week the FMX people group desended on Sin City-Las Vegas, Nevada, to put on an elevated show for the ages. The FMX High Rollers Contest put on by Monster Energy went off as you would anticipate! With really extraordinary riding from the world’s best FMX riders.

What IS the High Rollers FMX? Here’s the promotion to buildup you up and clarify it:

Hot shots FMX heads to Vegas

Distributed on Oct 12, 2016

“Xgames 2016” “aspen xgames 2016” “xgames features” “xgames full” “xgames Austin 2016″,”Snowmobile xgames 2016″,”Ski SuperPipe xgames 2016″,”Coors Light Men’s Skier X Qualifying xgames 2016″,”Coors Light Women’s Skier X Qualifying xgames 2016″,”Men’s and Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Final”,”Men’s and Women’s Qualifyingxgames 2016 “,”Mono Skier X Semi’s/Final xgames 2016″,” xgames 2016 quater final”2016″,” xgames 2016 gold, bronze,sliver”.

GoPro Ski Big Air Final xgames 2016″,”Coors Light Women’s and Men’s Skier X Heats/Semi’s/Consolation/Final”,”Gus Kenworthy”,”Kevin Rolland “,”Benoit Valentin”,”Tucker Hibbert”,”Mike Schultz”,”Max Parrot”,”Maddie Bowman”,”Joe Parsons”,”Kelly Sildaru “,”Spencer O’Brien”,”Kevin Rolland”,”Mark McMorris “,”Yuki Kadono’s”,”Brett Turcotte “,”Mons Røisland”,”Mark McMorris”,”Sebastien “,”Brady Leman “,”Kelly Sildaru”

Best Whip!

The “Best Whip” some portion of the show was simply silly! Look at it:

Beast Energy FMX High Rollers Contest Best Whip Recap

Distributed on Oct 21, 2016

“Xgames 2016” “aspen xgames 2016. What’s more, xgames features. With xgames full, xgames Austin 2016, Snowmobile xgames 2016 and Ski SuperPipe xgames 2016. Coors Light Men’s Skier X Qualifying xgames 2016. Coors Light Women’s Skier X Qualifying. Furthermore, xgames 2016”,”Men’s and Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Final. Additionally, Men’s and Women’s Qualifyingxgames 2016. At last, Mono Skier X Semi’s/Final xgames 2016.

Enormous Vegas $$$ was hanging in the balance!

xgames 2016 quater final”2016. Furthermore, Xgames 2016 gold, bronze, and bit. GoPro Ski Big Air Final xgames 2016! Coors Light Women’s and Men’s Skier X Heats. Semi’s/Consolation/Final. Also, Gus Kenworthy. Kevin Rolland, “Benoit Valentin and Tucker Hibbert.. Mike Schultz”,Max Parrot. Maddie Bowman. Joe Parsons as well. Kelly Sildaru. Spencer O’Brien. Kevin Rolland,”Mark McMorris “, Yuki Kadono’s. Brett Turcotte. Mons Røisland. “Stamp McMorris”, Sebastien. Brady Leman! “Kelly Sildaru”.