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Jimmy Decotis wrapped up his first SX2 Australian Supercross title on Saturday at the last round of the arrangement at Knights Stadium in Victoria.

Decotis, who won four of the six headliners, completed the season finale seventh, which was sufficient to guarantee the title. American-based Jackson Richardson won his first SX2 race of the season in his nation of origin. Swim Hunter and Lewis Woods would round out the platform.

Dan Reardon’s rebound story is finished, as he wrapped up the SX1 title the previous evening with a seventh-put wrap up. Lawson Bopping won his first principle of the season over Daniel McCoy and Taylor Potter.



2. Swim HUNTER

3. Lewis WOODS



6. Jesse MADDEN

7. Jimmy DECOTIS


9. Jamie HARVEY

10. Boyd HOCKING

11. Dylan GOSLING

12. Allister KENT


14. Dylan WILLS

15. James BROWN


1. Lawson BOPPING

2. Daniel McCOY

3. Taylor POTTER

4. Cheyne BOYD

5. Kade MOSIG

6. Danny HAM

7. Daniel REARDON

8. Aaron TANTI


10. Joel NEWTON

11. Joshua SPANOS

12. Jono KRUSIC

13. James LAMBIE

14. Thomas HILL

15. Jack ZAHRA

The following is a full report affability Clubby – TrailZone Media:

In what must be portrayed as a genuinely sensational stupendous last, Daniel Reardon, Jimmy Decotis and Mitch Evans have been delegated Australia’s new SX1, SX2 and SXD champions individually following today around evening time’s 6th and last round of the 2015 Penrite Oils Australian Supercross Championships introduced by Ryco Filters at Knights Stadium in Melbourne, Victoria.

Every one of the three head Senior Championships remained in a critical state at any cost amid an activity stuffed night of dashing that saw crashes (SX1), a first turn heap up (SX2) and a tied-focuses tally back (SXD) all become an integral factor in a nail-gnawing unforeseen development that eventually demonstrated a fitting conclusion to the fervor that has been the sign of the current year’s new-look Australian Supercross Championships which highlighted six rounds, in four states, arranged by four promoters and co-ordinated by Motorcycling Australia.

In the SX1 class, CDR Yamaha colleagues Dan Reardon and Kade Mosig had a bolt on an agreeable one-two complete in the Championship in the wake of shielding two-time champion Matt Moss (Motul Suzuki) was a late non-starter in the last round because of wounds endured the prior week at around five at the AUS-X Open occasion in Sydney.

In any case, in the SX1 Heat race today, a staggering unforeseen development saw Mosig crash vigorously and endure wrist damage, while just minutes after the fact, Reardon likewise hit the soil and endured a separated shoulder, which was briskly flown back set up by the Racesafe therapeutic team.

All of a sudden the CDR Yamaha group’s expectations of securing the Championship in fine style were tossed out the entryway, and it was just because of the progressing treatment of the Racesafe doctors that both Reardon and Mosig could arrange in the immensely essential Final.

Amazingly Mosig holeshot the SX1 Final and lead ahead of schedule, in spite of his damage, however a little while later surrendered to the torment and was pulled in by Lawson Bopping (DPH Motorsports Peter Stevens Yamaha), Heat race victor Daniel McCoy (SFC Racing Yamaha) and SX1 class special case passage Taylor Potter (Penrite Honda Racing), the trio at last going ahead to complete in a specific order and finish their Championships with the platform placings for the night.

Behind them, previous national MX master Cheyne Boyd (DPH Motorsports Peter Stevens Yamaha) posted an amazing fourth-put complete, with Mosig hanging on for fifth, trailed by another previous MX expert, Danny Ham (Maitland Motorcycles Suzuki) in 6th.

At that point came Reardon in seventh, who gamely rode the Final with his harmed shoulder to secure the SX1 Championship and finish his great rebound to hustling this season in the wake of resigning back toward the finish of 2012.

” What an approach to win a title – with a disengaged bear,” said Reardon from on the title platform.

” First and premier I simply need to express profound gratitude to Racesafe. I separated my shoulder in the Heat race and afterward we popped it in 30 seconds after the fact in favor of the track, and afterward they’ve chipped away at me throughout the night to prepare me to overcome the Final, and I can’t express gratitude toward them enough.

” I was in such a great amount of torment out there, and even on the locating lap I didn’t know whether I would even have the capacity to hop the bounces, yet we did it and got past and got a seventh-put complete, however most essential of all, we got the Championship and that was the huge prize today around evening time.

” This year has been great and to win the Supercross Championship, that is only the best, so I need to express profound gratitude to the CDR Yamaha group and every one of the patrons and supporters who have helped make this conceivable. I’m riveted.”

With his fifth-put complete, Mosig clutched the sprinter up spot in the title to give the CDR Yamaha group a one-two in the standings, while Bopping’s great triumph this evening solidified his third general in the title, to finish the Yamaha range of the SX1 Championship platform.

” That’s the best I’ve felt on the bicycle in months,” enthused Bopping after this evening’s race. “My arrangement was to put in 20 strong laps in the Final and that is precisely what I could do, so I am stirred to get the win today and get third in the Championship, it feels awesome.”

In the SX2 Championship, Lewis Woods (Davey Motorsports KTM) won the early Heat race in front of Decotis (Penrite Honda Racing) and Jackson Richardson (Penrite Honda Wilson MX) in an exciting showdown that set the phase for the Final.

Yet, thusly one of the SX2 headliner, a major tangle of riders saw Richardson scrambling to get into the activity mid-pack, while Decotis was burst over the berm alongside Geran Stapleton (Penrite Honda Wilson MX), the combine left dead-last when they in the end unwound and got once more into the race.

In advance youthful firearm Dylan Wills (Newcastle KTM) influenced the early front running before a back suspension to issue wrecked his expectations and saw Woods lead the pack, until Wade Hunter (DPH Motorsports Peter Stevens Yamaha) motored through to the front-running position, with a charging Richardson at this point hot on his tail.

After an exciting fight, Richardson in the long run assumed control in front of the rest of the competition and held everything the route to the checkered banner, with Hunter second and Woods third, trailed by Joel Wightman (CRF Honda Racing) and Jack Simpson (Davey Motorsport KTM) who adjusted the best five.

” I felt quick throughout the day and extremely loved the track,” said a pleased Richardson after the occasion. “Yet, at that point when I was mid-pack out of the begin in the Final, I simply needed to focus on putting down quick laps and breaking through to the front, which is the thing that I could do. At that point when I got the lead, I simply continued clicking off the laps to the complete, and to get the win is only the most ideal path conceivable to discover the title.”

With respect to Decotis, regardless of the enormous begin he gave the field after his initially turn tangle, he put the bit between his teeth and charged hard, moving inside the best ten in fast design and after that eventually getting to seventh before motoring home to the banner, certain about the information the SX2 Australian Championship was all his.

” Man, what a night!” shouted Decotis after the Final, as he praised the Penrite Honda group’s third SX2 Championship in the previous five years. “That initially turn was simply insane and after I at long last got back on the bicycle and went ahead, I knew I would need to charge hard and battle to win this title. In any case, I comprehended what I needed to do and once I came through and got to seventh, I realized that would be sufficient to take care of business. I’m only riveted for the entire Penrite Honda group, and everybody at Honda, and every one of the backers that made this title conceivable.

” I’ve had the best time here in Australia, the fans are magnificent, and to bring home the title, I couldn’t have requested more.”

Behind Decotis, Richardson finished the title standings in second place, with Woods third.

In the SXD Championship for riders under 19 years old, GYTR Yamaha rider Mitch Evans went hard and fast to pull in the focuses lead of Raceline Pirelli Suzuki rider Brock McLeary, the Yamaha firearm winning both of today around evening time’s SXD Finals.

McLeary interim posted 4-2 comes about, which, surprisingly, left the combine tied on focuses toward the finish of the arrangement, with the title at last granted to Evans on a countback, while Toby Stevens (PSC Yamaha) was third.

” They don’t get any nearer than that,” said Evans after the occasion. “However, I did all that I could by taking two wins this evening, and luckily it met up for me and the title went my direction. I’m so glad and simply need to express profound gratitude to all the group at GYTR Yamaha.”