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In a group press release released today, it was exposed that Martin Davalos has actually been managing Epstein-Barr. Complying with the race, Davalos informed Racer X’s Holly Wingler that he’s been “taking care of a bit of some health issues and I simply intended to save my whole power for the main event.” It’s now been determined the health problem was Epstein-Barr. The launch did not say if he would certainly miss at any time or not. We will have a lot more as it becomes available. Right here is what Davalos had to claim regarding the launch:

” I’ve been battling with my health given that January. I figured that, because I damaged my foot, it was my body aiming to adjust once again. I didn’t have any type of adrenaline or fire in me, which isn’t me. I most likely to the medical professional to obtain had a look at as well as learned that I have a flare of Epstein-Barr. I’m just aiming to obtain myself going again, however, I don’t want it to obtain even worse. I’m battling with my power levels, and also my adrenal glands typically aren’t functioning. I just intended to conserve as much power as I might for the centerpiece. I obtained an excellent beginning, as well as my bike is incredible, yet I’m the just out point.”