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Cunningham Victory Red Bull HardLine 2015

Here’s a recap of all the rapid, enormous air MTB activity you’ve generally expected from the Red Bull Hardline! The current year’s version both met and surpassed our elevated desires for the arrangement so appreciate the mind blowing film!

Ruaridh Cunningham Wins Red Bull Hardline

Official statement:

Red Bull Hardline with Jeep came back to the slopes of Mid-Wales this end of the week to go up against Dan Atherton’s mammoth of a course that turned out to be greater and more specialized than anything at any point seen before in downhill mountain bicycle dashing.

Movement was by and by the word on everybody’s lips as the riders spent most of the end of the week getting used to the enormous highlights and specialized components of the track before setting down qualifying times on Saturday.

Previous World Champion Gee Atherton was untouchable on Saturday; setting the speediest qualifying time guaranteeing that he was the last rider down the course in the finals, however a tire mechanical implied that he needed to limp down the course leaving Ruaridh Cunningham to take the title.

Talking about his win, Ruaridh stated, “The course was fantastically extreme, rationally and physically the hardest I have ever ridden. It regarded see everybody get down securely and I am enchanted to take the win”

For more data go to redbull.com/hardline.


Ruaridh Cunningham 3.53.785

Joe Smith 3.57.402

Bernard Kerr 4.01.035

Adam Drayton 4.11.028

Reece Wilson 4.15.335

Craig Evans 4.20.701

Alex Bond 7.47.398

Well Atherton 10.47.941

Furthermore, here’s a reward POV take a gander at the 2015 Red Bull Hardline track design, including the unique Gee Atherton!

Distributed on Sep 11, 2015

A year ago’s Red Bull Hardline MTB track was a standout amongst the most requesting at any point seen, pushing the game of downhill mountain biking as far as possible. Enormous shake gardens, monster chunk rolls, tight wood areas, specialized characteristic highlights and the now scandalous street hole made a track to push downhill dashing to the following level.

This year, Dan Atherton begin increasing present expectations by and by. Here we see Dan’s sibling and previous World Champion, Gee Atherton, testing the track out of the blue, giving us a look at what the riders will encounter this end of the week.