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Championship clinching scenarios for Monster Energy Supercross finale

The 2017 Monster Energy Supercross season will arrive at a conclusion Saturday night in Las Vegas, Nevada, however not before two more titles are distributed.

Everyone’s eyes are on the exciting 450SX session between Red Bull KTM’s Ryan Dungey and Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac. The two enter Sam Boyd Stadium isolated by nine focuses – advantage Dungey – following a sensational race one week prior in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Tomac was driving when a crash consigned him to an eighth-put complete, while Dungey dashed away with the triumph.

Here’s a look at the title-clinching scenarios for the title combatants:

Dungey wins championship if…

  • If Dungey finishes fourth or better, he wins the championship regardless of where Tomac finishes.

Tomac wins championship if…

  • If Tomac wins and Dungey finishes fifth or worse, Tomac will win his first career 450SX title.

Other scenarios

  • If Tomac finishes second, Dungey would need to finish seventh or better to clinch the title.
  • If Tomac finishes third, Dungey would need to finish ninth or better to clinch the title.
  • If Tomac finishes fourth, Dungey would need to finish 11th or better to clinch the title.
  • If Tomac finishes fifth, Dungey would need to finish 13th or better to clinch the title.
  • If Tomac finishes sixth, Dungey would need to finish 14th or better to clinch the title (& so on).

250SX East Championship Scenario

Lost in the shred is a ultra-close title race in the Eastern Regional 250SX Class, where three riders are isolated by only one point. Jordon Smith enters the Dave Coombs East/West Showdown on 160 focuses, while Zach Osborne and Joey Savatgy each sit at 159 focuses.

With respect to title-securing situations, it’s entirely direct between Smith, Osborne and Savatgy. Whoever completes higher inside the main five will leave with the title. Should they all complete outside of the main five, where positions are isolated by one point rather than two, things begin to change a bit.

Since Smith holds the sudden death round finished Savatgy, he should simply complete inside one purpose of Savatgy and have Osborne complete behind him. This would tie Smith and Savatgy in the focuses and Smith’s two wins give him the sudden death round finished Savatgy’s one win.

Smith doesn’t hold the sudden death round finished Osborne, so this situation doesn’t make a difference there. For instance, if Osborne completes fifth and Smith completes 6th, they tie in focuses and Osborne wins the title giving Savatgy doesn’t complete further ahead.

In the event that they by one means or another figure out how to complete twentieth 22nd, at that point Smith would win the title regardless of the possibility that he completes behind Savatgy and Osborne, as positions 20 through 22 are granted one point for each position.

What’s more, for Adam Cianciarulo fans, he’s still numerically qualified, in spite of the fact that he confronts a 14-point deficiency. Should he win, he’ll require Smith to complete eleventh or more awful, Osborne tenth or more awful and Savatgy ninth or more regrettable.