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Bronx Grundy The Current Hookit Rider Of The Week

The current week’s rider has a name that is ideal for motocross. Hailing from Phelan, CA, Bronx Grundy has been tearing up the TWMX hustling arrangement in the PeeWee 4-6 class on his Cobra 50 motocross bicycle. At simply just 6 years of age, Bronx has become famous in the 50cc class and is bound to be a power for a long time to come. His drive to win is solid and he is a rider that we are pleased to have speaking to BTO Sports through our Hookit program.

Bronx Grundy

Bronx Grundy is a power at the TWMXRS here in Southern California.


Name: Bronx Grundy

Age: 6

Main residence: Phelan, CA

Home Track: Milestone MX Park

Number: 205

Class(s): PeeWee 4-6, PeeWee Open 4-8

To start with Race: May 2015 – PW50 4-6 at Milestone and completed second in general

Age you began riding: 3 years of age, began dashing at 5 years of age.

Motocross icon: Cooper Webb

Why are you enthusiastic about riding a bike?” It’s extremely fun! I adore the sentiment bending the throttle to go quicker and speedier. Its the best feeling blitzing whoops, and tearing holeshots. Its all I consider, and I cannot hold up to go Pro sometime in the future.”

Best Finishes in 2017: third Overall focuses TWMX EL Dorado National pee small 4-6, second OA TWMX West Coast Open pee small 4-6

Online networking:

Instagram: @bronxgrundy 205

Twitter: @bronxgrundy205

Facebook: @bronxgrundy

Site: www.bronxgrundy.com