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Kia Ora !

Recently I dashed the 4 Stroke National at Glen Helen, it was a decent shot for me to get in a race reproduction in before one weekend from now. They we’re running a similar design that will be in for the USGP in a long time. I preferred the format and it has two or three new areas in it and another huge twofold stage up which is quite dumb.

To begin with moto I got a not too bad hop – it was a solid begin so I was searching for only a better than average begin and I wound up getting the opening shot! I discovered my section very quick and attempted to settle in. I set down great predictable lap times for the majority of the moto and got out to a 20 sec lead until the point that I needed to pull in after I got a punctured tire. My technician Clint changed the back haggle hit it up for the last couple of laps.

Moto two I didn’t exactly get the begin. I was third after transform one and rapidly got into the lead after turn two. When I got in the number one spot I endeavored to put in some hot laps and escape, at about the 25 min stamp I upheld it down subsequent to committing two or three errors.

It was a better than average day. We took in a couple of things and I was extremely upbeat to get behind a door again and do some hustling.

I have a couple of days testing before we go to Hangtown, I’ll check in one week from now.