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The Motocross/SuperMoto Grand Prix Commission, made out of Messrs Wolfgang Srb, Director of the CMS/FIM, Giuseppe Luongo, President of Youthstream, and Takanao Tsubouchi, MSMA Secretary General, meeting in Teutschenthal (Germany) on 22 September 2012, collectively received the accompanying changes to the 2013 Regulations.
Mr Stéphane Desprez, FIM Chief Executive Officer likewise went to this gathering.

Application 01 January 2013


1. FIM Standards for Motocross Circuits

Craftsmanship. 047.3.4 Speed

The course, if conceivable, ought to be of a sort which limits the normal speed to a most extreme of 65 km for every hour (the normal computed for one total race).

Workmanship. 047.3.10 Repair and flagging zone

New section: The repair and flagging zone must have a hallway in the pit path to permit a continuous entry all through the whole length. This passageway ought to be set apart by white lines all through the whole occasion and stay free of stopped cruisers, gear and individuals. Besides, there ought to be no inordinate speed or surpassing in the pit path. Riders should ride in a trained way inside this zone.

Craftsmanship. 047.4 Track stamping and fencing c) Track checking New content of the section: The outside of the track might be set apart by course markers, straw bunches, froth elastic pieces, earth saving money, publicizing pennants and adaptable fencing green in shading.

2. FIM MX1, MX2, MX3, Women’s Motocross World Championships, FIM Motocross of Nations and FIM Veteran Motocross World Cup Regulations

Workmanship. 2.2 Acceptance of sections

The most extreme age point of confinement of 23 years for the MX2 class is not any more substantial for the FIM Motocross of Nations.

Workmanship. 2.10 Rider Behavior and Assistance (notwithstanding passage 28)

Watering of beginning paths by riders and additionally group staff is precluded.


Established 1904

TEL +41 22 950 95 00 FAX +41 22 950 95 01 info@fim.ch WWW.FIM-LIVE.COMArt. 4.19 Official signs


Yellow banner, waved: Immediate peril, get ready to stop, no surpassing, bouncing not permitted.

Red Cross banner: Medical staff on the track, continue with extraordinary alert. Riders must roll each bounce independently with no overwhelming until past the zone of concern.

FIM Junior Motocross World Championship

Workmanship. 035.8.1 Acceptance of sections

Regardless, the FIM as well as the FIM Championship Promoter can enter extra riders in each class before the finish of the specialized checks preceding the occasion (not surpassing the greatest permitted number of passages per Federation and class).