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2013 Monster Energy Cup Preview the Riders,

This end of the week is the third Annual Monster Energy Cup Supercross race in Las Vegas. An irregular race for $1.00 US million dollars that has seen a great deal of insane activity over the most recent two years of its reality. The exceptional organization of the Monster Energy Cup brings some out of the case thinking to the Supercross hustling world. A split begin from inverse closures of the field, a joker path that a rider HAS to take one time amid the race and a 3 race design makes for an exceptionally energizing night of dashing. We investigate the best riders and news going into the MEC, the track and how to observe

MEC Press Day – Video: twmx.com

The Contenders:


Justin Barcia prepared to protect his MEC Title. Photograph: Chris Kimball/TWMX.com

Justin Barcia (Honda/Muscle Milk)– Last year Barcia served saw to the 450 class that he has landed, as he took the win in 2012. This vitality took him to a win at Phoenix and Seattle in the 2013 SX season, however he would not fight for the title. Search for Barcia to be on his amusement tomorrow as he will have the objective on his back as he tries to protect his MEC title.


Can Ryan Villopoto rehash his 2011 MEC Success. Photo:Chris Kimball/TWMX.com

Ryan Villopoto (Monster Energy Kawasaki) – The current 2013 Supercross/Motocross champ didn’t have the best MEC race a year ago, as he smashed out in race 2 while driving. He won the first Monster Cup, clearing every one of the three motos and hello, this is the 2013 Supercross Champion so you can’t forget about him. This will be Villopoto’s first race back since his surgery however I wouldn’t anticipate that him will keep down. He needs reclamation for a year ago and to thump Barcia off the best spot.


James Stewart hustling the MEC for the first run through. Photograph: Chris Kimball/TWMX.com

James Stewart (Yoshimura Suzuki) – It’s entertaining to feel that the most polarizing rider in the game has never dashed the MEC, that is until this year. JS7 will make his MEC make a big appearance tomorrow night on the Yoshimura Suzuki. While it’s been a while since Stewart has won a SX championship(2009 to be correct), he proved for the current year with his win at the Atlanta SX when he is on, he is a major danger for the win. The three shorter, 10 lap motos play to one of Stewart’s enormous qualities. A fan or not, every person will watch what Stewart does.


Ryan Dungey arranged to set the commentators straight. Photograph: Chris Kimball/TWMX.com

Ryan Dungey (Red Bull KTM) – Dungey needs a decent execution here at the MEC. After his not all that run of the mill execution at the MXoN, search for Dungey to hush the pundits with a strong ride at the MEC. Excepting any bowed shifters (like a year ago’s MEC), Dungey will emerge ready to take care of business for the fence.

Dignitary Wilson (Monster Energy/Pro Circuit) – It appears like ages since we have seen Deano line up at the door, and it is great that he is coming back to activity this end of the week at the MEC. After a shoulder issue cut his season off, Wilson has got it dealt with and has been preparing hard with Ryan Hughes to get back fit as a fiddle. While I don’t figure he will fight for the win, search for a decent strong ride from DW15.

Matt Goerke (BTO Sports-KTM) – On the tail of winning(that’s correct, WINNING) the TWMX SLAM occasion, “Meat” is more pumped than any time in recent memory. With his wrist completely mended, Goerke has been putting in the laps on the BTO Sports-KTM getting ready to bring down the field at the MEC. With KTM’s as a rule decent out of the door, this should help Matt keep running in advance, and I wouldn’t be amazed to see him out front, potentially taking a moto win tomorrow night.

Andrew Short (BTO Sports-KTM) – Shorty has been putting in the laps and is more certain than any time in recent memory on the BTO Sports-KTM 450SX-F. Buckling down since the finish of the Outdoor season, Short and his repairman are sure about this end of the week.

Eli Tomac (Geico Honda) – Tomac is set up to go up against the field this end of the week and play it savvy as he did a year ago. He took a moto win a year ago by deliberately putting himself at the correct place at the opportune time. Tomac will be on the 450 this end of the week and with his opponent Ken Roczen likewise dashing a 450, hope to see firecrackers between these two.

Ken Roczen (Red Bull KTM) – Roczen will appear on a KTM 450SX-F this end of the week at the MEC. Roczen looks smooth on the 450 and expect a double amongst him and Tomac throughout the night. Which one will win?

Marvin Musquin (Red Bull KTM) – Moose will ride the KTM 350SX-F at the MEC, however could be a spoiler. Musquin has the ability to be in advance., and recalling to May at the SX finale here at Las Vegas, he bamboozled his partner Roczen.

Josh Grant (JGRMX) – Josh Grant gets the enormous respect for JGRMX by appearing the 2014 Yamaha YZF-450 in rivalry. This bicycle has had a considerable measure of buzz encompassing it amid the most recent couple of months, and is said to be a noteworthy change than the past models it replaces. Ideally it can help JG33 to fight in advance. Give has the speed and can win if everything is arranged.

Cooper Webb (Myplash/Star Racing) – Webb opened up many eyes this season with his incredible rides in the Outdoor arrangement. For the MEC, Webb knocks up to the new 2014 YZF-450 for the Myplash/Star Racing group. A decent move for Webb as he gets huge bicycle involvement and he may pull off an amazement in one of the motos.

Cole Seely (TLD/Honda) – Seely will race on the TLD/Honda CRF-450R machine and alongside partner Malcolm Stewart will speak to the TLD squad. Seely is solid on the 450s and could be in the blend amid the short, 10 lap races.

Malcolm Stewart (TLD/Honda) – Malcolm makes it official as he is a TLD/Honda rider for 2014. While he raced throughout the entire summer in the Outdoors for Troy Lee as a fill-in rider, Malcolm simply left all necessary signatures to be an official group rider for 2014. With his insane and unusual style, search for Mookie Fever to run uncontrolled at the MEC this end of the week.

Riders not appearing to race the MEC: Chad Reed, Mike Alessi, Kyle Cunningham, Davi Millsaps, Josh Hill, Weston Peick, Gavin Faith, Phil Nicoletti, Justin Brayton, Wil Hahn, Trey Canard, Blake Baggett, Jeremy Martin, Vince Friese.

The Track and Race Format:


The track at the Monster Energy Cup is somewhat not quite the same as the ordinary Supercross track. The three noteworthy contrasts to the track are the utilization of a split begin, the curve that goes into the stands and the joker path. How about we investigate these three one of a kind areas each one in turn:

Split Start – The football hone field that is utilized for the begin has 11 riders on one side and 11 riders on the other. The door drops on the two sides all the while and the two sets rocket in to the stadium, where they meet back together. It makes for an energizing begin and tense activity as the split field returns together.

Amsoil Arch – A major managed an account turn that goes up in to the stands. Exceptionally cool plan and out of the stadium floor thinking from Feld. We used to see the track go into the stands back in the beginning of Supercross (Pontiac SX rings a chime), and is a cool and one of a kind component.

The Joker Lane – The Joker Lane, so named in light of the fact that we are in Vegas, is a bit of the track that a rider needs to take one time amid the race. This brings a touch of system into the race and riders need to consider their position in connection to what lap they need to take the joker path. The Joker Lane adds around 6 seconds to a riders lap and could have any kind of effect in the result of the three races.

The configuration is likewise altogether different from a normal Supercross race. Rather than the standard warms, LCQ and Main, there is three 10 lap headliners where the general victor is controlled by joining completes from each race. A blend between open air scoring and supercross. On the off chance that a rider wins each of the three mains, that rider brings home the “Beast MILLION”, simply like Ryan Villopoto in 2011.