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Valli Motorsports Yamaha rider Kyle Summers was harmed in a crash in the second 450 moto at Washougal on Saturday and required restorative consideration. At the beginning of today we got a report on one the arrangement’s best privateers from Valli Motorsports’ Charles Halcomb:

“Only a report on Kyle’s crash with Jake Moss as Jake arrived on Kyle off of a bounce and they both tumbled really great. Kyle got the crude end of the arrangement with a ride to the doctor’s facility and an overnight remain. It’s Sunday night and they need to keep him one more night and because of liquid on one of his lungs they won’t let him fly home, so you-know-who gets the opportunity to drive him back to the Bay Area. He’s beat up entirely great however one broke rib is extremely the degree of the wounds alongside a significant number knocks and wounds!”