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From mxdaily.com.au:

Brooke, Monz, Mum and myself just came back from the Hospital Gregorio Maranon here in Madrid, which before I even begin this refresh I will state that the Hospital and Hospital staff have been phenomenal and Cam is in the most ideal hands.

Cam has made some monstrous enhancements in the course of the most recent 24 hours, in spite of the fact that he isn’t out of the forested areas yet is still in concentrated care he has came a wide margin since yesterday. I assume the best outcome from today is that the seeping on the cerebrum is exceptionally minor and isn’t the reason for the absence of development on his correct side. We think he his thinking that its extreme to move the correct side of his body to arriving on that side. He has a cracks of the Right Shoulder Blade, Right Cheek bone, and Right Shoulder Cup. These wounds can be settled generally effortlessly so we are simply happy that the issue we however we had yesterday is affirmed not to be an issue.

The second piece of news we got today is that the repaired Liver is working and functioning in the same class as it can.

When we strolled into ICU today around evening time his eyes lit up once more, despite the fact that he is still vigorously quieted he knew we were there and was glad about it. We read him a couple of remarks that individuals had left and you could advise he was endeavoring to have a giggle, particularly from the remarks from Mase, OX and great companion Boka. I taking a little Australian Flag and put Sincs stickers on it, I instructed him to open his eyes and look at it, he did and gave us a gesture, I inquired as to whether he needed me to stick it to his quaint little inn gestured again and opened his eyes yet again.

The coolest thing about observing Cam was simply before we exited him and here is the place i’ll hand it over to his life partner Brooke. “It was the best! As I was leaving I said “i’ll give u a million kisses, he gestured yes”. As I made a stride away he opened his eyes so I made a gesture of blowing him a kiss, he set up his lips together and blew one back.”

We have had a considerable measure of solicitations from companions and fans needing to send things to Cam at the healing center. This is incredible and i’m certain it will convey a major grin to his face, however we inquire as to whether you could please guide them to Hotel as he is still in ICU. The address is:

Inn NH Parque Avenidas

Birarritz, 2

28028 Madrid, Espana

The help we’ve had amid the past has been mind boggling. We can’t say thanks to RedBull Spain enough to everything they proceed with you to do. Toby, Brian and every other person at Metal Mulisha for all their help and ensuring we have everthing we require. Everybody at FOX (Monza Imports) for their help and quieting words. The fans for leaving Cam messages on this site, perusing these to him has influenced him to acknowledge how much help is out there for him, Docter G back in LA for helping us see precisely what’s new with Cam and his circumstance. Maddo and Amy for all that they did and have offered and to every one of our loved ones.

We get the opportunity to see him again tomorrow at early afternoon and 7pm (Madrid) so will attempt my hardest to do another refresh in 24 hours.