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Trials Rider Dougie Lampkin Lets Loose in Goa

No one knows Moto Trials Riding like the exceptional Dougie Lampkin. He’s been doing it for a considerable length of time and is an ace at his art. What is Trials Riding? Look at the recordings in this and acclimate yourself to this magnificent for of moto aesthetics.

Mondays are trial enough for every one of us so appreciate Dougie Lampkin tearing up the Trial Riding underneath.

Distributed on Mar 28, 2016

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At 3 years youthful, Dougie Lampkin was at that point occupied with riding motorbikes. By age 9 he was winning challenges, and by 17 he was the European champion. The man feels comfortable around on two wheels, so when the open door came to fruition to look at India for some enterprise and crisp riding, Dougie rushed to influence Goa his own snag to course. Snap play and appreciate some specialized trials riding from truly outstanding in the business.

Need a greater amount of the mind-boggling Dougie Lampkin? We figured to such an extent…

Moto Trials Riding Through Giant Igloo – Tundra Trial

Distributed on Dec 9, 2014

Think the igloo is rad? Hold up ’til you see the shred-fest!

Dougie Lampkin conveys the game of Motorcycle Trials to the tremendous ice scene of Northern Finland, testing himself on solidified deterrents and going up against a lodging made totally of ice.

In this one, Dougie completes an awesome activity of clarifying “Trials Riding”, and what isolates it from other Motorcycle disciplines:

Riding with Trials Bike Legend Dougie Lampkin

Distributed on Dec 8, 2014

Snap for more urban trials riding…

Trials legend, Hard Enduro star, and double, D-Lampkin is a 12-time World Trials Champion and a standout amongst other hard enduro riders on the circuit. Investigate his life on two wheels, and a secret for his new up and coming film, Tundra Trial.