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Last week, Todd Krieg, a young professional from Ohio, went down in a technique crash while planning for the 2015 period. The collision led to a partially collapsed lung, busted ribs, two damaged collarbones, hemorrhaging behind the eye as well as damages to the T4 vertebra. The T4 injury has actually left Krieg incapacitated from his chest down.

Krieg is presently in ICU at Grant Medical, an Injury Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, 2 and also half hrs from his Cleveland suburban area home. The family members are intending to get Todd closer to home, however insurance coverage does not cover every little thing. The family has opened a page on GoFundMe as well as is selling t-shirts on his internet site in order to help raise money. A sweep has been developed to win a motorbike, with all earnings most likely to the family members.

GoFundMe – Todd Krieg

Tee shirts

Bike Sweep