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Crown, Calif.- – The Dirt Shark has hovered back to strike once more! Indeed blood is in the water and just a single will survive the furious battle that will be the 2014 Dirt Shark Greatest Whip challenge at the shark tank that will be this current Saturday’s Creature Container. The world’s best whip pilots- – the individuals who apply hubris and bent to height – will all take to the sky of Las Vegas in an all-out ethereal attack of Sam Boyd Stadium. ” A year ago was wiped out!” announced the ravaging Dirt Shark himself. “During the current year, it’s straightforward: the greatest names, greatest satchel, greatest earth to-dirt hit, greatest kickass-ass trophy, greatest whip challenge Got it ?! Great. I must return to lurkin’.”.

At the point when requested his interpretation of the new surface-to-air set-up, Jeremy “Jerk” Stenberg sneered, “I think this year will be far more renegade than a year ago on the grounds that this year is another arrangement and the hop is dirt to-earth. Being it a messy hit, a lot of fellows who can whip it huge on the incline will have so much inconvenience with regards to the Dirt whip! I’m simply giggling at the present time! The fellows that end up in the best three after this thing is altogether said and done will be the fellows that can really ride a bicycle and have what it takes.”. Strikingly, Josh Hansen, no outsider to taking enormous risks (both on and off the track), won’t just content in the Earth Shark Greatest Whip challenge, however, dashing in the Beast Glass also.

” I’ve heard a portion of the folks say I’ll have an uncalled for advantage since I’ll be out hustling on the track and hitting the Greatest Whip hop lip throughout the day,” said Hansen. “I’ve even heard the Jerk will dissent me to the AMA authorities. Whatever. Haters are going to detest. I will take it to every one of them, man. I need that renegade Dirt Shark Greatest Whip trophy. You see that thing? Man, it’s so wiped out!”. Also, turning the screw overall enormous sky battle will be an all-new occasion organize. Joining pre-qualified military pilots Tom Parsons, Josh Hansen, Jeremy Stenberg, Todd Potter, and Edgar Torrenteras- – all previous X Diversions Best Whip Gold Medalists- – will be three extra riders who will exchange to the headliner by means of a Saturday evening qualifier set to keep running in the discordant Sam Boyd parking garages. What’s more, when the all-indisputable Dirt Shark Greatest Whip goes down at quickly 8:00 p.m, each of the eight riders will get just two goes to toss out their best turn up, turn down and situate bob whips. In this way, the three riders who are the judges the most will at that point go head to head in the Platform Session where they will each toss their two absolute best whips. Best scored Greatest Whip wins. That’s all anyone needs to know.

” I won here a year ago and, well, the entire thing changed my life. It’s simply insane how everything worked out,” said ruling Earth Shark Greatest Whip champ and 2014 X Diversions Best Whip Gold Medalist Tom Parsons. “The new dirt to-earth hop will switch everything up a lot. On an incline, you’re utilized to it and you’re dialed-in. You know precisely how it feels. When you toss in an earth confront, there are such a significant number of various things included. There can be trenches and the face can change as its dirtl]. The dirt hop will have a tremendous effect on what sort of whips we can toss and how enormous we’ll have the capacity to go. Also, with the new arrangement, you’re basically must go and discard what you can right. You will need to attempt and be as predictable and impeccable as you can.”.

What’s more, would he be able to win once more?

” You know now that I’ve won Greatest Whip and X Recreations, I sort of feel like I have an objective on my back. Before I was only sort of out of sight. At that point I turned out and won these things to where I’m presently part of the gang that everyone is taking a gander at. I will win, yet the opposition will be savage. The fans will love it.”. Try not to be perplexed. Go ahead out to the Beast Container this Saturday night and get defensive.

Earth Shark Greatest Whip.

Saturday, October 19, 2014, at Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Eight-Man Headliner.

Three Riders Meet all requirements for Night Show- – 12-Minute Stick Session.

Qualifying Round at 4:15 P.M.

Greatest Whip Challenge at 8:00 P.M.

Eight contenders will perform whips in a set request.

Judges will score on a 100-point scale (all judged scores found the middle value of).

Platform session will decide places 1-3. Top three will perform two greatest whips.

The two whips will get a judged score. Most noteworthy judged score decides places 1-3.

Pre-Qualified Riders (All X Amusements Best Whip Gold Medalists):.

Tom Parsons.

Josh Hansen.

Jeremy Stenberg.

Todd Potter.

Edgar Torrenteras.

Qualifying Riders:.

James Carter.

Jarryd McNeil.

Ronnie Renner.

Destin Cantrell.

Brett Prompt.

Nate Adams.

Lover Bamburg.