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Supercross Race Report (Round 7 – San Diego)

It was a cool night in San Diego, with overcast cover and a touch of shower all through, yet that absolutely wouldn’t prevent the door from dropping on another awesome Supercross principle! The atmosphere made for a slower, more smooth track-and oversights and falls were the topic of the night. Also, as that was simply the case, huge numbers of the top choices wound up toward the back of the pack, battling for each point they could get while a cagy veteran snatched the triumph. The components may have dulled the motocross design and made for a foul fight, however there was some unfathomable dashing throughout the night.

In the Lites class, Eli Tomac demonstrated how experiencing childhood in Colorado can influence conditions to like these leeway he cut up the sloppy track and asserted his first triumph of the season. An eager laborer, he did extraordinary things on the open air circuit, and we should presumably generally expect more awesome endeavors from Eli coming up here in the Supercross fields. Congrats to him and his Team Honda on a vocation well done. What’s more, as it turned out, it would be a major night for riders on Hondas!

At that point it was on to the huge young men, and they put on another fine show. As the entryway dropped and the riders surged out, it was Chad Reed-shaking the Shift dirtbike outfit and snatching the immensely essential holeshot! He was shadowed by Trey Canard, who was overflowing with certainty after his huge win in Houston. After some clever moves after a triple, Canard really wrestled the lead far from Reed, however the track would assert Canard as another casualty as he fell before long. Canard would need to rally hard from that point to deal with a minor fourth place. Be that as it may, Canard was not the only one James Stewart experienced difficulty with the landscape toward the begin and really slowed down his bicycle also, however raced hard to get to the platform in third. It was a much harder night for general focuses pioneer Ryan Villopoto, who fell early and lost a bumper, a number plate, and God-just realizes what other dirtbike parts before scratching and tearing his way to a seventh place complete sufficiently only to keep his general focuses lead. Dungey ran a strong race to get one more second place complete, his second in the same number of races. He proceeds to gradually get back in the standings race following a DNF fourteen days prior. Be that as it may, the night had a place with Chad Reed and his TwoTwo Motorsports; an extraordinary warmth run, a holeshot, and a strong execution to take the checkered banner. His first win since 2009, you could see the delight in his face as he achieved the pit and removed his motocross protective cap to celebrate with the group.

The arrangement now moves east, with the following stop in Atlanta. An exceptional yell out to BTO Sports’ own Michael Byrne, who came back from damage to make his 2011 presentation here in San Diego-he achieved the fundamental and had an incredible first ride back-completing sixteenth! Welcome Back Byrne-sie!!! As the plot thickens in the focuses pursue, we’ll abandon you with a gander at the refreshed standings:

Supercross Results

1. Chad Reed HON

2. Ryan Dungey SUZ

3. James Stewart YAM

4. Trey Canard HON

5. Davi Millsaps YAM

6. Andrew Short KTM

7. Ryan Villopoto KAW

8. Brett Metcalfe SUZ

9. Mike Alessi KTM

10. Justin Brayton YAM

11. Nick Wey YAM

12. Kyle Regal YAM

13. F Izoird KAW

14. C Blose KAW

15. Ivan Tedesco KAW

16. Michael Byrne SUZ

17. M Lesage KAW

18. A Stroupe YAM

19. W Peick YAM

20. K Windham HON

Supercross Points

Ryan Villopoto 146

James Stewart 143

Chad Reed 130

Trey Canard 130

Ryan Dungey 123

Andrew Short 95

Brett Metcalfe 93

Davi Millsaps 78

Justin Brayton 76

Ivan Tedesco 66

Kevin Windham 62

Scratch Wey 54

Kyle Regal 52

Kyle Chisholm 46

Mike Alessi 43

Chris Blose 41

Weston Peick 24

Matt Boni 20

Thomas Hahn 17

Austin Stroupe 15

250 Lites West Results

1. Eli Tomac HON

2. Tyla Rattray KAW

3. Broc Tickle KAW

4. Cole Seely HON

5. James Decotis HON

6. Josh Hansen KAW

7. Ken Roczen KTM

8. Ben Evans KAW

9. Ryan Morais SUZ

10. A Balbi KAW

11. M Davalos SUZ

12. N Paluzzi YAM

13. T Bright HON

14. K Beaton KAW

15. K Cunningham YAM

16. R Smith SUZ

17. T Weeck HON

18. C Hinson KTM

19. S Champion KAW

20. D Tedder KAW

250 Lites West Points

Josh Hansen 128

Broc Tickle 125

Eli Tomac 116

Ryan Morais 96

Cole Seely 88

Ken Roczen 83

Tyla Rattray 80

Martin Davalos 69

James Decotis 67

K Cunningham 60

A Balbi 50

Ryan Marmont 48

Ben Evans 47

Scratch Paluzzi 45

Bruce Rutherford 38

Travis Baker 37

Jake Canada 29

Casey Hinson 19

S Champion 17

Gared Steinke 10