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Supercross 2012 – Race Report (Anaheim 1)

It was a lovely night in Anaheim, California, and the energy for another period of Supercross dashing was assuredly noticeable all around. A large number of fans appeared early and the pit territory had everything for the motocross fan: boisterous music, the huge apparatuses, the bicycles in plain view being prepared for the night’s activity, the greatest names in the game strolling around in the most recent dirtbike clothing, and a gathering environment that is really exceptional to this game. Only an incredible vibe out there with all in participation happy to have Supercross back. Not certain that the headliner rivalry was all that glad to see Ryan Villopoto back, in any case, as the beat continued for the 2011 champion! Extraordinary lap times and warmth races set up some completely marvelous races as 2012 is set for a bursting begin.

In the Lites qualifying, Star-Valli Rockstar Yamaha’s Ryan Sipes was quickest finished Troy Lee Designs Lucas Oil Honda’s Cole Seely, Monster/Dixon Yamaha’s Zach Osborne (who hasn’t dashed supercross since 2008), GEICO Honda’s Eli Tomac, and Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson. When the racers arranged at the door for the night appear, the dampness in the track began coming up, as dew shaped all over. It was an entirely different track from work on/qualifying. As the entryway dropped in the Lites fundamental, the line of motocross head protectors shot out down the to the principal turn, where Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray took the holeshot and early lead from colleague Dean Wilson. However, Cole Seely would rapidly pass them both, and he would pull away on his Honda, in the long run cruising to a simple win to assert the Lites lead going to Phoenix. Hope to hear bounty from the Kawi group going ahead however, as they completed second and 6th. Some early interest without a doubt in the Lites division!

Later at night, it was the ideal opportunity for the enormous young men on the 450’s to lash up the dirtbike boots and kick this season off! The qualifying times were rankling with James Stewart setting up the speediest lap. RV2 and Chad Reed additionally set up noteworthy circumstances, and the headliner included all the enormous names we’ve generally expected the previous couple of years. With all hands on deck and beneficial to begin the season, the door dropped and the group thundered with endorsement. To the astonishment of nobody, Ryan Villopoto gets the holeshot and is easily ahead by lap 2. Reed subsides into second, and Ryan Dungey (his first race on the KTM!) is running third. By mid-race, it is clear Villopoto is on an alternate level, influencing it to watch easy out front. He will voyage to a simple opening round win, and make an impression on the field-he is unmistakably the man to beat!

The genuine fun was going ahead behind him, as the group was dealt with to three previous champions (Reed, Dungey and Stewart) putting on an extraordinary show of hustling as they moved throughout the night for a trek to the platform. A pre-winter by Stewart prepared for Reed and Dungey to round out the platform here in Anaheim. Here’s a glance at whatever is left of the outcomes as we put the opening end of the week to bed:


2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross

Anaheim, CA

Supercross Lites Heat 1

1. Wil Hahn

2. Tyla Rattray

3. Marvin Musquin

4. Cole Seely

5. Travis Baker

6. Jackson Richardson

7. Vince Friese

8. Max Anstie

9. Billy Laninovich

Supercross Lites Heat 2

1. Martin Davalos

2. Senior member Wilson

3. Nico Izzi

4. Zach Osborne

5. Matt Moss

6. Teddy Maier

7. Jason Anderson

8. Christian Craig

9. Ryan Marmont

Supercross Heat 1

1. Chad Reed

2. Mike Alessi

3. Ryan Villopoto

4. Davi Millsaps

5. Ryan Morais

6. Broc Tickle

7. Josh Hansen

8. Jimmy Albertson

9. Chris Blose

Supercross Heat 2

1. James Stewart

2. Ryan Dungey

3. Andrew Short

4. Jake Weimer

5. Ivan Tedesco

6. Brett Metcalfe

7. Josh Grant

8. Kevin Windham

9. Kyle Chisholm

Supercross Lites LCQ

1. Eli Tomac

2. Ryan Sipes

Supercross LCQ

1. Justin Brayton

2. Tommy Hahn

Supercross Lites Main Event

1. Cole Seely (Honda)

2. Tyla Rattray (Kawasaki)

3. Eli Tomac (Honda)

4. Marvin Musquin (KTM)

5. Ryan Sipes (Yamaha)

6. Senior member Wilson (Kawasaki)

7. Jason Anderson (Suzuki)

8. Wil Hahn (Honda)

9. Zach Osborne (Yamaha)

10. Travis Baker (Honda)

11. Matt Moss (KTM)

12. Nico Izzi (Yamaha)

13. Teddy Maier (Honda)

14. Billy Laninovich (Honda)

15. Vince Friese (Honda)

16. Max Anstie (Honda)

17. Ryan Marmont (KTM)

18. Jackson Richardson (Honda)

19. Martin Davalos (Suzuki)

20. Christian Craig (Honda)

Supercross Main Event

1. Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki)

2. Chad Reed (Honda)

3. Ryan Dungey (KTM)

4. Justin Brayton (Honda)

5. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki)

6. James Stewart (Yamaha)

7. Andrew Short (Honda)

8. Kevin Windham (Honda)

9. Mike Alessi (Suzuki)

10. Josh Hansen (Kawasaki)

11. Brett Metcalfe (Suzuki)

12. Broc Tickle (Kawasaki)

13. Ivan Tedesco (Kawasaki)

14. Kyle Chisholm (Kawasaki)

15. Ryan Morais (Yamaha)

16. Davi Millsaps (Yamaha)

17. Jimmy Albertson (Suzuki)

18. Chris Blose (Kawasaki)

19. Josh Grant (Kawasaki)

20. Tommy Hahn (Honda)