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Shift MX Adds MXGP Superstar Paulin

Move MX has nothing if not an eye for ability. The most recent competitor to join their positions? None other than MXGP stalwart Gautier Paulin. The rich apparently getting wealthier here, as Paulin joins motocross heavyweight Ken Roczen in the Blue Label Risen Gear. Simply check the video underneath!

Move MX is accumulating some motocross renegades!

Distributed on Feb 2, 2017

The most up to date individual from our Syndicate, MXGP legend, and 3LUE Label competitor: Gautier Paulin.

Gautier Paulin Bio

Paulin started his fixation on two wheels hustling BMX at six years old, winning numerous big showdowns by the age of 10 years of age. At 13 years old he would locate his actual getting in the wake of exchanging out pedals for an engine. So started his keep running into motocross.

Gautier would go ahead to make his introduction at just 17 in the MX2 class of MXGP. Indeed, even with the little experience, he was continually a platform risk and doing combating for wins in his first year.

As his profession advanced he would expand on to his resume catching 5 MX2 world championships before climbing to enormous bicycles in 2012. In the wake of climbing Gautier would take the title in his first year and line up that triumph in 2013 with another charging championship in 2014 MX1 class.

Quick forward to 2017 and Paulin is still hard on the gas, moving his opposition off the beaten path and hustling with the power that makes him a piece of our Syndicate. We are pumped to have him on board the Shift group!


2007: 28th MX2 World Championship (Honda)

2008: 21st MX2 World Championship (Kawasaki)

2009: third MX2 World Championship (Kawasaki)

2010: tenth MX2 World Championship (Yamaha)

2011: fourth MX2 World Championship (Yamaha), one appearance in MX1

2012: third MX1 World Championship (Kawasaki)

2013: fifth MX1 World Championship (Kawasaki)

2014: eighth MXGP World Championship (Kawasaki) – MXON Winner

2015: second MXGP World Championship (Honda) – MXON Winner

Gautier Paulin has been a best dawg for quite a while, so joining Shift MX is a genuine upset for the motocross clothing organization. In any case, let’s be realistic he looks phenomenal in that Blue Label Risen Concrete Gear!

This is a match made in moto paradise.